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    Playable Link (BotW)
    P5 Mod by Ruined
    This mod will let you play as Link from Breath of the Wild.
    Specifically it replaces all of Jokers models with 5 Models of Link. It also replaces various images of Joker with Link.

    Persona 5 Unmasked
    P5 Mod by ShrineFox, DeathChaosV2
    3/8/2019 (updated)
    A mod that removes the masks from all party members' Phantom Thief outfits. Includes edited models and bustups. Note: Not all HUD elements have masks removed yet.

    Scalable/Redrawn Bustups (RPCS3 Fix)
    P5 Mod by lipwig, AEBus, Gink
    This mod fixes the notorious bustup scaling issue for P5 on RPCS3. Unlike previous iterations of this fix, this mod does not have any annoying lines appearing when a character blinks or talks. These bustups were slightly "redrawn" and edited, so that the problem no longer occurs.

    Akechi Valentine's Day Date
    P5 Mod by rover, yangster
    This is a demo for a gay romance mod that is still in progress.

    EVT Testing Mod
    P5 Mod by TGE
    Edit prebuild.bat with the proper paths to EVTTool and PAKPack in order to automatically compile edited event JSONs and test the results before the title screen even loads.

    PQ CheatEngine Table
    PQ Tool by lipsum
    A cheat table for Persona Q, for use while playing on Citra.

    P5 EPL Injector
    P5 Tool by TGE
    10/29/2018 (updated)
    Drag an EPL file from Persona 5 onto this EXE to extract all GMD files. Drag a folder containing GMD files onto the EXE to repack the EPL file. Useful for editing effect models or All Out Attack images.

    P5 Tool by Skyth
    A tool for unpacking/repacking AWB audio archives using their corresponding ACB.

    Rebirth Cutscenes
    P3FES Mod by Robot_Gerbil
    This mod replaces almost all cutscenes in P3 FES The Journey with entirely new ones. Edited together using clips from the Persona 3 Movie series and audio from the original English dub of the game.

    P3 Full Moonlight
    P3FES Mod by Robot_Gerbil
    A combination of the Rebirth Cutscenes (P3 movie scenes adapted to original game cutscene dub) and Reincarnation BGM mods (alternate OST).

    P4 Reincarnation (Alt BGM Mod)
    P4 Mod by Robot_Gerbil
    A mod that replaces most of the OST tracks with new official arrangements released after the game.

    PM1 Message Script Editor
    P3FES Tool by TGE
    Unpacks and repacks text from PM1 (event) files as MSG files that you can edit.

    Randomized Affinities
    P5 Mod by yangster
    Randomized affinities for Personas and enemies

    P3 Free Camera
    P3FES Mod by ShrineFox
    Unlimited camera control on every map.

    Custom All Out Attack Base + Tutorial
    P5 Mod by Alan3D
    P3MC replacement for Joker in his All-Out-Attack + Tutorial on how to do one yourself!