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Catherine Font Mod -Nocturne HD Ver.-
Gamebanana SMT3 Mod by Century_
05/15/2023 (updated)
The Catherine font has even invaded Nocturne HD??? Is nothing sacred anymore?!
Of course not, none of you are safe...

It's true, this mod replaces th ...

Japanese Font Mod [Switch]
Gamebanana P5R-NX Mod by Century_
A mod that replaces P5R's English font with the one used in the Japanese release. (FOT-Slump Std)
Now on Nintendo Switch!

Unlike P5 Vanilla, Royal ac ...

Uwu Overhaul
Gamebanana P5R-NX Mod by Tekka
Changes the game's font to use w's instead of l's and r's.

Catherine Font -Switch Version-
Gamebanana P5R-NX Mod by Century_
10/24/2022 (updated)
A mod port that's been long overdue.

It replaces the game's original font with Johnston ITC Std, the font used in Catherine Full Body.

This time for ...

UwU Overhaul -PQ2 Edition-
Gamebanana PQ2 Mod by Century_
A pretty simple mod that replaces the font's "L" and "R" glyphs with a "W".

P3FES Font
P5R Mod by Alan3D
Replaces the main font of the game with P3FES's.

Catherine Font Mod for Persona 5
P5 Mod by Century_
Catherine font ported to P5 and P5R

Runescape Font Mod
P4G32 Mod by Century_
Mod that replaces P4G's font for the Runescape_uf font.

Catherine Font Mod for Persona 3 FES
P3FES Mod by Century_
Mod that replaces the font from Persona 3 FES with Catherine's.

Product Sans Font for Persona 5
P5 Mod by hanakomisa
Changes the UI font to Google's Product Sans.

Persona 5 Japanese Font Port
P5 Mod by Century_
Mod replacing the english p5 font characters with the japanese ones.

EPIC Persona 3 Dancing Font Mod
P5 Mod by Century_
Pretty self-explanatory. This mod replaces the normal P5 font with the P3D Font EXCEPT for Kanji Characters, mainly because there's too many of them and the characters don't align on both font files.

P4G/P5R Fonts
P4 Mod by DniweTamp
Backported from P4G and P5D

P5R/P5D Font
P5 Mod by DniweTamp
5/11/2020 (updated)
I've ported the font from P5D (which is exactly the same in P5R) to P5. Big thanks to Pan-Hime on Twitter for giving me this font so I can use it.

P4G Font for P5
P5 Mod by Alan3D
Replaces P5's main in-game font with P4G's.