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P3P-Style Title Screen
Gamebanana P5R Mod by Stavaas
05/18/2023 (updated)

This mod changes the Title Screen, and edits game logo in Main Menu due to p3f's obsolete textures.
HD textures included. I ...

No Loading Icon (Vita)
Gamebanana P5R Mod by Dexxtrip
For the first time ever, this is a wholly original mod.

This mod mostly blanks out the loading icon, replacing every texture with a black square. Thi ...

Better EPL Injector
P5 Tool by SecreC
A CLI tool to extract and inject files that are embedded in EPLs, BEDs, EPTs, and EPDs. Just drag your file(s) on the exe to extract, and drag a directory to inject! Requires .NET 6.0.

Persona Voice Clip Editor
P3FES Tool by ShrineFox
GUI for converting files between .WAV and .ADX and unpacking or repacking .ACB and .AWB, supports automatic encryption.

P5 Tool by Pherakki
A Blender 2.81+ plugin for importing and exporting GFS and GAP files.

Nothing is Promised (Persona Q2)
Gamebanana P5R Mod by loogi-tooie
Boss theme from Persona Q2 replacing Will Power, along with another version that replaces this game's boss theme, Blooming Villain.

I've been sitting ...

GFD Studio
P5R Tool by TGE
2/4/2023 (updated)
A model importer and editor for games using the GFD engine. Can import custom rigged meshes and animations as GMD/GFS and GAP, or replace and modify textures and materials.

CriFsLib GUI
P3P Tool by Sewer56
A GUI for quickly and efficiently extracting files from CPK archives.

Papers Please Game Over theme
Gamebanana P5R Mod by Zerron21
10/27/2022 (updated)
This includes a Papers Please Game Over theme mod that can also be used as a template for the script, with a copy of SonicAudioTools.

ACB Auxilirator
Gamebanana P5R Tool by Zerron21
10/27/2022 (updated)
A poorly written script that automates creating the needed .acb and .awb files needed in Aemulus Mod Manager for music modding.

• AcbEd ...

[Game Pass] P5R FPS Uncapper
Gamebanana P5R Tool by zettozoid
10/23/2022 (updated)
A tool to disable the framerate limit.

Two kinds of file are provided:
-EXE Trainer, if you don't want to install cheat engine
-CE (Cheat Engine) Tab ...

Korean English Font
Gamebanana P5R Mod by Haalyle
First font mod, so it's definitely not perfect. (I did a bunch of custom letters to fit with the special characters, but my main focus was just gettin ...

Vandalize over Take Over
Gamebanana P5R Mod by Haalyle
I have included both the normal and explicit versions of the song, granted the loop is slightly different for both, I tried my best to do it okay.

Si ...

Classroom and Confidant Cheat Sheet
Gamebanana P5R Mod by Haalyle
09/23/2022 (updated)
Classroom Cheat Sheet idea taken from treyplayx3's Classroom Cheat Sheet for vanilla Persona 5.
Confidant Cheat Sheet idea taken from AugmentedAntics' ...

Froggy Morgana
Gamebanana P5R Mod by Zerron21
Replaces Morgana's maid outfit with an unrigged Froggy model.
The gif took 2x the time it took to make this mod.

Warning: More effort was ...