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SMT V Save Utility
SMTV Tool by lipsum
Decrypts/encrypts SMT V saves

Mod Compendium
P3FES Tool by TGE, ShrineFox, lipsum
6/28/2021 (updated)
Easily create, combine and install multiple mods for Persona 3, 4, 5, P3P, P4G, P5R, PQ, PQ2, Catherine Full Body and the Dancing games.

SMT 3 HD PC Save Utility
SMT3 Tool by lipsum
Decrypts/encrypts Nocturne PC saves

Persona 5 Strikers PC Save Utility
P5S Tool by lipsum
Decrypts/encrypts P5S PC saves. Converts P5S PC saves from/to Switch JP format

Persona 5 Royal Patches
P5R Mod by lipsum
A set of Persona 5 Royal patches

Darkechi Cutin Fix
P5R Mod by lipsum
Akechi's 3rd semester cutin (bct_p_bc0009_01) uses the wrong alpha channel - specifically, the alpha channel from Akechi's default cutin (bct_p_bc0009). The issue exists in all versions of the game, and even appears in promotional material. This mod fixes the cutin alpha channel using the Thieves Den render of said cutin as a reference.

Persona 4 Golden Save Converter
P4G-PSV Tool by lipsum
6/16/2020 is a utility that converts P4G PS Vita saves to P4G PC saves:
  • PS Vita data00XX.bin and system.bin files are converted to the PC format (see FAQ #1 in
  • PS Vita sdslot.dat file is converted to PC data00XX.binslot files (see FAQ #2 in
This tool will convert the above into proper PC .bin/.binslot files.

There's no need to edit any hashes manually. is a utility that converts P4G PC saves to P4G PS Vita saves by reversing the actions described above.


P4U2 Patches
P4AU Mod by lipsum
Included patches:
- Intro Skip (JP/US Versions)
- Japanese Movies (US Version)
- English Subs (JP Version)
- Content "Enabler" (JP/US Versions)
To enable, include these in RPCS3's patch.yml and comment/uncomment the patches you wish to enable/disable under the PPU- section.
You can also apply these patches directly to an eboot.elf file using RPCS3PatchEboot or heeboot.

P5D USA Mod Support
P5D Mod by lipsum
Eboots that add intro skip and mod loading functionality to P5D (USA). Rename to eboot.bin and put in your game's rePatch directory.

P3D USA Mod Support
P3D Mod by lipsum
Eboots that add intro skip and mod loading functionality to P3D (USA). Rename to eboot.bin and put in your game's rePatch directory.

P4AU Undub
P4AU Mod by lipsum
Undubs voices and movies via a fake custom update + patch.yml. should contain everything you need to know on how to install.

P4G Mod Support
P4G-PSV Tool by lipsum
1/14/2020 (updated)
Includes (for P4G US/JP):
- a patch that enables mod.cpk support (no more repacking 1.8GB data.cpk every single time)
- an intro skip patch
- an auto patching script
- a mod that serves as an indicator to see if mod.cpk support is enabled + fixes an annoying bug in US P4G's title screen (in Mod Compendium and prepackaged form).

Darkechi PLG Icons
P5 Mod by lipsum, IevanDumal
A version of the "Darkechi Replacer" mod that uses lipsum's io_plg to render the P5R Akechi battle icons as vectors.

Benefits: Scales to any resolution without artifacting and changes color with status effects. Use the included patch.yml for alignment fixes.

P5 Tool by lipsum
A Blender Import-Export addon for the PLG format mesh collections found in some Atlus games. With this script you can import a PLG file to a blender mesh collection, or export a mesh collection to a PLG file.

PQ2 CheatEngine Table
PQ2 Tool by lipsum
A cheat table for Persona Q2, for use while playing on Citra.