Welcome to ShrineFox.com!

This site is home to a growing catalog of mods, tools, cheats and guides for various titles.
Formerly available at amicitia.github.io, the new site dynamically organizes user-submitted content based on your preferences.

What is Amicitia?
Amicitia (latin for "friendship") is the name TGEnigma gave to his all-in-one Persona file editor that revitalized the modding scene.
We also named our community after this tool: our forums, blog, and wiki. Even this site is part of the larger Amicitia "network."
How do I browse shrinefox.com?
Mods, tools, guides and cheats are all organized by date last updated.
You may narrow down results by choosing a specific game or type of content.
Clicking on the title of a post reveals the download/guide links, description, update notes and tags.
You can continue browsing similar content by clicking on a tag or author name.
Easily share specific posts with friends by clicking the hyperlink icon in the corner of a post.
How do I use mods from this site?
Most mods on this site are packaged for use with the Mod Compendium, a Windows application that allows you to organize, combine, and build downloaded mods.
It supports most Persona games. Installation steps differ between certain games, so for detailed instructions, please check out the guides for the mod you downloaded.
How do I submit mods?
By registering for an account on the forum and creating a thread in the proper section, your mod will most likely be added to our database.
Please include a download link and a description of what the mod does. Screenshots or videos are great too!
What about PS4 mods?
There are no immediate plans to support the PS4 version of any game.
This may change in the near future, depending on accessibility to a Custom Firmware (CFW) and better mod loading methods on more (newer) PS4 firmwares.
How do I get modding support?
Ask a question on the forum if you get stuck.
Looking for a file? Having difficulties with a program? We'd be happy to point you in the right direction.
Note: All answers are provided on a volunteer basis and there's no guarantee that there will always be someone able to answer a specific question.

In the meantime, try looking up a game on the wiki in order to learn the best current methods of ripping and modding, as well as how to open and edit any files you come across.
Is there a Discord server?
There is no official public Discord server for Persona modding. You're free to make one for your own project management.
However, users that demonstrate an interest in contributing on the forum are granted access to our private Discord server. Read more here.
How can I support this site?
I pay for all hosting/domain fees myself. If you would like to help alleviate these fees, I have a ko-fi page.
All contributions are greatly appreciated and will inevitably go toward keeping this site alive.
Support ShrineFox at ko-fi.com

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