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    No Navigator Mod
    P5 Mod by ShrineFox
    Modified ACB/AWB files that prevent Morgana, Futaba, and Makoto's navigator clips from playing in-battle.

    P4G Save Editor
    P4G-PSV Tool by Fendroidus
    Edits decrypted savedata bin files dumped from P4G.

    P3FES Tool by Meloman19
    A tool to decompress and recompress Persona 3, 4 and 5's .FNT files.

    P3P Tool by Du'Slingr
    A GUI interface for creating custom ADX and HCA audio files using CriAtomEncoder.

    FEMC as Protagonist
    P4G-PSV Mod by I Am Me
    FEMC model from P3P with edited animations for use as a MC replacement.

    Shinji as Protagonist
    P4G-PSV Mod by I Am Me
    Shinji model from P3P with edited animations for use as a MC replacement.

    Alternate Playable Character Models
    P3P Mod by I Am Me
    A collection of party member model replacements for use with the Mod Compendium.

    Persona 420 (Weed Yosuke)
    P4 Mod by ShrineFox
    A mod for Persona 4 that replaces Yosuke Hanamura's voice clips and textures with ones from Yuri Lowenthal's performance in GTA V.

    P3FES Playable Adachi
    P3FES Mod by ShrineFox
    - Changes Models, Graphics and Music to suit Tohru Adachi. Includes custom HUD icons, pause screen renders and cut-ins. Magatsu Izanagi imported over Thanatos, new Magatsu Orpheus design and misc music tracks replaced

    P4 Adachi Navigator
    P4 Mod by ShrineFox
    A mod that replaces Teddie's navigator dialog with Tohru Adachi's clips from Persona 4 Arena Ultimax.

    Kick Back Intro
    Gamebanana P5R-PC Mod by Dimitron
    01/01/1970 (updated)
    changes p5r's intro with this one

    for this commision Kick Back intro [Persona 5 Royal (PC)] [Requests] ...

    Elite Battle (P5X) over Keeper of Lust
    Gamebanana P5R-PC Mod by purplex
    01/01/1970 (updated)
    Replaces Keeper of Lust with the mini-boss/ambushed theme from Persona 5 The Phantom X.

    (WIP) Persona 3 FES - So-so AI Upscaled Textures
    Gamebanana P3FES Mod by RendellDraw
    01/01/1970 (updated)
    I decided to upscale textures for myself that haven't been covered by MeovvCat's HD Overhaul Project yet. And thought of sharing it here.

    So far I've ...

    How to create code mods
    Gamebanana SMT3 Guide by vv--
    01/01/1970 (updated)
    Nessecary steps and optional steps

    This is listed as intermediate, but it really depends exactly what you're trying to make. Super simple mods are of ...

    Digital Devil Saga over SJ music
    Gamebanana P5R-PC Mod by Clasho
    01/01/1970 (updated)
    Replaces SJ's battle and victory theme with Hunting and Level up from DDS 1, respectively.

    Some DDS representation since the Demonica outfits are the ...