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Sharp Pixel Backgrounds + De-Dither
Gamebanana P3P-PC Mod by MeovvCAT
08/10/2023 (updated)
Among the many things generating discussion around the 2023 release of Persona 3 Portable was the partial but extremely prominent use of AI upscaling ...

New FeMC Title Screen Art
Gamebanana P3P-PC Mod by ThatCubeGamer
First off, huge thank you to DDruxy for allowing me to use their art for this mod! You can check them out on Tumblr and Instagram! 

This mod replaces ...

Guaranteed Item Drops
Gamebanana P3P-PC Mod by AnimatedSwine37
Makes enemies that drop items always do so instead of only having a random chance to. 
In the case of enemies that can drop multiple items there is an ...

Visible Rankup Ready
Gamebanana P3P-PC Mod by AnimatedSwine37
07/30/2023 (updated)
Adds indicators that Social Links are ready to rank up in the Social Link menu and when talking to them.

More specifically: 

When talking to an S.Li ...

Manual Skill Inheritance
Gamebanana P3P-PC Mod by AnimatedSwine37
07/29/2023 (updated)
What is this?
This mod makes it so you can choose which skills your Personas inherit during fusions instead of having them randomly chosen for you.

C ...

Yukiko Overhaul!--Persona 3 Portable RED
Gamebanana P3P-PC Mod by QueenAtheia
07/25/2023 (updated)
I do commissions now:

Welcome to a huge overhaul of Persona 3 Portable!

Persona 3 Portable RED is a Yukiko Amagi ov ...

Field QoLs
Gamebanana P3P-PC Mod by AugmentedAntics
07/23/2023 (updated)
This is a port of the very same mod for the PSP version, except it's now been formatted for use with the PC edition. The description is mostly copied ...

Female Orpheus Telos
Gamebanana P3P-PC Mod by ToonLucky
Port for P3P PC of Dexxtrip's Female Orpheus Telos mod for P3P PSP.

As Dexxtrip says it in the PSP page : "This mod changes Orpheus Telos' model to b ...

Protagonist Music Swap
Gamebanana P3P-PC Mod by moddaman
Does exactly what the title says; this swaps most of the songs exclusive to each protagonist, allowing you to hear the music of the protagonist you di ...

Naoto Complete Story Overhaul
Gamebanana P3P-PC Mod by Giowno
07/01/2023 (updated)
I made this mod because ATLUS changed nothing other then one line in FeMC route, such as no female Messiah no female Telos. Several art of FeMC is off ...

(Q2 over Battle Themes & More)
Gamebanana P3P-PC Mod by Giowno
Moon over the stars- Replaced with Reincarnation remix- File 25.ADX (Delete if you want default) Mass Destruction replaced by Q2 Pull the Trigger- Fil ...

Shortened Intro
Gamebanana P3P-PC Mod by wxnder
06/18/2023 (updated)
This mod shortens the introduction dialog from a total of eight sentences to a single line of dialog.

Controller UI Overhaul
Gamebanana P3P-PC Mod by Pixelguin
06/14/2023 (updated)
This mod replaces the controller UI with all-new button prompts, with a focus on legibility and accessibility. Everything has been redesigned from scr ...

HD Voice (WIP)
Gamebanana P3P-PC Mod by SausEv
06/12/2023 (updated)
P3 HD VOICE (Work in Progress)
This mod uses AI upscaling to improve the audio quality of dialogue in Persona 3 Portable. This includes increasing the ...

Battle Localization Fixes
Gamebanana P3P-PC Mod by BrawlerAce
06/05/2023 (updated)
When Persona 3 Portable was developed, many localization errors made it through, likely due to the rushed nature of the game. For example, despite Ora ...