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    Amicus Headpin
    Gamebanana P5D Mod by Century_
    To continue the trend of throwing the Amicus plushie in the most unexpected places... Woe, mod be upon ye.

    He's just a little headpin now.
    It replace ...

    Persona 4 Golden 64 Bit Music Replacement
    Gamebanana P4G64 Guide by phantomAnarch
    - Audacity
    - Reloaded II
    - AtomEncd
    - This spreadsheet
    - 5 seconds of time

    The easiest and most obvious step: find ...

    LTFUINT (P4 Side) Over TTMH
    Gamebanana P4G64 Mod by phantomAnarch
    i want a version of this for all the persona games i can possibly make it for so!

    LTFUINT (P4 Side) over Take Over
    Gamebanana P5R-PC Mod by phantomAnarch
    03/25/2023 (updated)
    this mod is mostly for me cause this song brings me hella serotonin

    persona 5 if it was awesome :3
    Gamebanana P5R-PC Mod by PixelatedQ
    This is a sound pack for Persona 5 Royal (PC) that replaces every song in the game with silly music :)


    1. Download the zip file from t ...

    Kamoshida Jumpscare Shadow Restoration
    Gamebanana P5R-PC Mod by ltsophia
    Adds back in a missing shadow that was removed for the new release of Persona 5 Royal. The one that jumpscares you on the chandelier.

    FINAL FANTASY-Themed Names
    Gamebanana P5R-PC Mod by SubjectULTIMA
    03/25/2023 (updated)
    Changes some of the skill, item and accessory names to those from the FINAL FANTASY series.

    Some of the name changes are made up like "Debilitator Of ...

    (WIP) Nocturne Graphics Configurator
    Gamebanana SMT3 Mod by vv--
    03/25/2023 (updated)
    I'd appreciate any help! My discord is on my profile, we can share info and make this game better.

    This mod aims to give you a few miscellaneous opti ...

    Amicus Plushie [Switch]
    Gamebanana P5R-NX Mod by Century_
    Ever heard of post-Adastra depression? Well, making this mod was my therapy.

    This time it's on Nintendo Switch!

    This mod basically replaces the Burg ...

    HD Icons for Elemental Icons for Skills mod
    Gamebanana P3FES Mod by vim
    This mod replaces all of the element icons with versions that are much higher resolution. This is intended to be used with the Elemental Icons for Ski ...

    HD Stretched Bust-Up Fixes
    Gamebanana P3FES Mod by vim
    When playing the game in widescreen, certain bustups will get stretched out horizontally, as shown in the second image. This mod takes the correspondi ...

    Amicus Plushie [PC]
    Gamebanana P5R-PC Mod by Century_
    Ever heard of post-Adastra depression? Well, making this mod was my therapy.

    This mod basically replaces the Burger-kun doll you can win at Akihabara ...

    (WIP) Minimap Over Compass
    Gamebanana SMT3 Mod by vv--
    03/24/2023 (updated)
    Not finished

    things left to do;
    • force normal map to update constantly

    • properly mirror map icons to the mini clone

    • fix layout/visual issues, b ...

    Check The TV More Than Once Per Day
    Gamebanana P3FES Mod by MegaCatYu
    Removes the "The tv is on..." message that appears when you check the TV more than once per day, so the TV works like how it does in Persona 5.

    Summer Break Outfits
    Gamebanana P5D Mod by DniweTamp
    This mod replaces some outfits with the designs seen in Persona 5 Strikers.
    Most outifts replace Summer Casual outfits, but some had to be placed in o ...