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PQ2 Translation WIP
Gamebanana PQ2 Mod by Kris!
05/25/2022 (updated)
What is this

This mod tries to replace all of PQ2's japanese voicelines to english, Using voicelines from games like p3f/p, p4g, p5r

How far is this ...

(WIP) Final Fantasy BGM for Persona 4 Golden
Gamebanana P4G Mod by Karasu
A work in progress BGM mod for Persona 4 Golden, aiming for a full replacement of the game's soundtrack for various songs from the "Final Fantasy" franchise by Square Enix.

Persona 5 Strikers BGM Mod
P5 Mod by 09HarryV
This mod changes some P5 music tapes for P5S music tapes.

Black Mask Intruder MC
P5 Mod by 09HarryV
Become Black Mask Intruder as protagonist in the awesome JRPG game Persona 5! Save the world from its doom!!

Persona 3 FeMC Music Pack
P5 Mod by DonQuixote
This music pack serves as an alternate version of my previous mod, the�Persona 3 Music Pack. I had gotten feedback to make some adjustments to it in order to give Persona 5 a feeling similar to Persona 3 Portable for those of us who really, really love the FeMC.

Persona 3 Music Pack
P5 Mod by DonQuixote
10/10/2020 (updated)
This music pack replaces nearly every track in the game with various tracks from Persona 3, FES, Portable, the movies, Reincarnation, and Q1 and Q2. This was done to give Persona 5 a feeling similar to Persona 3 because I really, really love Persona 3.

P3FES Mod by A-NB
A small mod that replaces a few FES bgm tracks with music from PQ2.

P5 Tool by Skyth
A tool for unpacking/repacking AWB audio archives using their corresponding ACB.

P3FES Tool by
A tool for packing/unpacking ADX files in AFS Archives. Useful for cutscene voice clips and battle sounds.

P3FES Tool by Du'Slingr
A GUI interface for creating custom ADX and HCA audio files using CriAtomEncoder.