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(WIP) Spanish Mod
Gamebanana PQ2 Mod by Artur16211
08/11/2023 (updated)
This mod aims to translate Persona Q2.

Initial translation made with LibreTranslate of about 90% of the game texts, now we intend to manually cor ...

Bam Editor
Gamebanana PQ2 Tool by Pioziomgames
08/01/2023 (updated)
BamEditor is a re/unpacker for bam model archives found in Persona Q games and some 3DS Etrian Odyssey games

(WIP) Yoshizawa over Haru
Gamebanana PQ2 Mod by Solt11
07/28/2023 (updated)
It's not like she was important anyway..."

This mod is pretty simple. Take Haru... and completely delete her. I mean, who liked her anyway? Oh wait, ...

Model Replacement in Q2
Gamebanana PQ2 Guide by oceanstuck
two people have asked me on two separate occasions how i replaced the models in Black Mask so i guess i'll consider that enough demand that this merit ...

Black Mask
Gamebanana PQ2 Mod by oceanstuck
Canon aside, there's no need to uphold the pretense of a righteous, sincere Detective Prince."

What is this?
Spoilers for Persona 5, including Royal ...

Smash Bros. Joker model
Gamebanana PQ2 Mod by DniweTamp
03/21/2023 (updated)
Ports Joker's model from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to P5R.
Includes all the recolors over different outfit slots.

If you want to have this without ...

(WIP) Black Mask
Gamebanana PQ2 Mod by oceanstuck
03/14/2023 (updated)
What is this?

Spoilers for Persona 5, including Royal, though if you're playing Q2 without knowing them, what are you even doing?

"Canon aside, ther ...

Recolored Ann
Gamebanana PQ2 Mod by oceanstuck
(This might be a bit buggy but fuck it, it's probably my emulator.)

Recolors Ann's Panther outfit to a color palette similar to her concept art.

Not ...

P5R Font
Gamebanana PQ2 Mod by Artur16211
08/25/2022 (updated)
Font based on the P5R font adding the Spanish special characters and replacing them with the same as in the Royal font.

Jose over Joker
Gamebanana PQ2 Mod by bryboy_
This mod replaces all of joker's textures and icons with a recolor based on Jose from P5R

PQ2 Translation WIP
Gamebanana PQ2 Mod by Kris!
05/25/2022 (updated)
What is this

This mod tries to replace all of PQ2's japanese voicelines to english, Using voicelines from games like p3f/p, p4g, p5r

How far is this ...

PQ2 HD Skill Icons
Gamebanana PQ2 Mod by Century_
A mod that utilizes Citra's texture replacement function to upscale the skill icon sprites from Persona Q2.

This mod contains a redrawn version of ea ...

UwU Overhaul -PQ2 Edition-
Gamebanana PQ2 Mod by Century_
A pretty simple mod that replaces the font's "L" and "R" glyphs with a "W".

(WIP) Eyes Of Heaven Q2
Gamebanana PQ2 Mod by SkewerMan
12/11/2021 (updated)
This Mod will allow you to replace various images of different personas with different stands from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure! This is a WiP, so more im ...

Making image/sound mods for Persona Q2
Gamebanana PQ2 Guide by Kris!
12/06/2021 (updated)
This is assuming you've already followed Shrinefox's guide

Before any of this, Extract your data.cpk

Download Cripack GUI and open CriPackGui.exe, T ...