Here you can learn more about the status of work-in-progress software I'm developing.
This website!
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I'm always looking for ways to improve this site as an educational resource, as well as to showcase my own work.
Suggestions are always welcome on the forum.

Persona 5(R) Mod Menu
In-game trainer for P5 and P5R.
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Custom scripts for Persona 5 that replace the square button function with a fully featured trainer.
Currently working on overhauling the repository to support PC, Switch, PS4, and PS3 from the same codebase.

Persona 4 Golden Mod Menu
In-game trainer for P4G PC.
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Custom scripts for P4G (PC) that replace the square button function with a fully featured trainer.
Eventually I'd like to make this compatible with P4 (PS2) and P4G (Vita) in a similar fashion to the P5(R) one.

EarthBound Mod Menu
In-game trainer and QoL mod for EarthBound.
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A collection of toggle-able quality of life enhancements for the SNES cult classic RPG EarthBound.
Improves inventory space by moving key items to a dedicated menu, lets you use your bike anywhere, even with a full party,adds a run button, prevents your dad from calling you, access in-game cheats, and much much more.

P5R Vinesauce Mod
Mod that replaces Joker with Vinny from Vinesauce.
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A group project commemorating many years of Vinesauce's variety livestreams. More info in this blogpost.

P5 Adachi Mod
Mod that replaces Joker with Adachi from Persona 4.
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A group project aimed at fans of the cabbage detective. More info in this series of blogposts.
Looking forward to eventually porting this to P5R on all platforms.

Personal Discord Bot.
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Made this to automate moderation of Amicitia's private Discord server.
Its most used features are creating/managing roles and role colors.

Flowscript Docs
Documentation on using Flowscript.
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An online text-based guide on using AtlusScriptCompiler to create custom .BF and .BMD for Persona/SMT games.
Aimed at complete programming beginners to experts alike who want to get into creating scripting mods.

AtlusScriptCompiler GUI
User interface for compiling and decompiling Atlus scripts.
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Uses simple drag and drop operations to make it easier to create .BF and .BMD from .FLOW and .MSG respectively, and vice versa.

GUI tool for working with sound files in Persona games.
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A program made for batch encrypting audio, unpacking/repacking archives, and quickly renaming files (useful for dual-language audio mods).

Offline patch applicator for Persona games.
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A program for generating .pnach/patch.yml files, as well as patched Persona Q executables and PS4 Update PKGs. Requires Python 3+ installed.

User interface for importing and exporting custom P4G/P3P GMO models.
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Automatically makes changes to custom models to make them compatible with P4G.
Kind of a mess right now, started working on a WIP refactor, but I don't know when I'll finish it.

User interface for generating "randomized" Persona mods.
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Very WIP and unstable. Uses old code by TGE for some support randomizing the TBL files of some games.
Also randomizes models and BGM for P3/4. In the future I'd like to completely redo it and make features work across all games.

Experimental user interface for all things Persona modding.
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Early concept for a workspace that conveniently unifies all the tools you need for modding Persona games.
Right now it manages projects and files, and docks other applications like Amicitia, GFDStudio, and Notepad++ in the window for editing.
In the future I'd like to add support for more programs and maybe integrate a mod manager. Needs lots more testing.