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    Dynamic Leblanc Calendar
    Gamebanana P5R-PC Mod by CornflakesCTD
    01/29/2023 (updated)
    Sojiro has finally decided to actually change the calendars page each month.

    Each month the calendar will show a new piece of artwork from varying AT ...

    High Quality Music Pack - Portable PC Edition
    Gamebanana P3P-PC Mod by ARandomGuy231
    01/29/2023 (updated)
    A simple mod that replaces the BGM with higher quality versions. Because Atlus couldn't be fucked.

    Songs have been losslessly ripped from a CD and co ...

    Config Clarity
    Gamebanana P4G32 Mod by Pixelguin
    01/29/2023 (updated)
    This mod overhauls almost every setting name and explanation in the Config menu. Changes range from fixing Engrish text to explaining the performance ...

    P3F Model Port Project
    Gamebanana P3P-PC Mod by Pioziomgames
    What is this?
    When Atlus was porting Persona 3 to the less powerful PSP, they decided to make downgrades to many of the aspects of the original game, ...

    Celty from Durarara
    Gamebanana P5R-PC Mod by Butter_Lettuce
    This mod replaces Ann's Demonica Head outfit with Celty Sturluson from Durarara

    No TV Static 64
    Gamebanana P4G64 Mod by Pixelguin
    This mod removes the noise and scanline effects from the TV World.
    It's a recreation of No TV Static for P4G32 by ShrineFox and rudiger__gb.

    (This mo ...

    Casual Clothes from Bayonetta 3 for Ann
    Gamebanana P5R-PC Mod by DniweTamp
    This mod replaces Ann's Swimsuit with Bayonetta's casual clothes from the beginning of Bayonetta 3

    Saturated Portraits
    Gamebanana P4 Mod by wxnder
    This mod plans on replacing every single character portrait in game with the counterparts from Persona 4 Golden in order to achieve a cleaner and more ...

    P3FES Inspired Save Menu
    Gamebanana P3P-PC Mod by wxnder
    01/28/2023 (updated)
    This replaces the original Tartarus background with a background that is inspired by the P3FES Save menu. There are two separate versions for both Mal ...

    Keiko Kawayui's P4U2 Palette Swaps
    Gamebanana P4AU Mod by Keiko_Kawayui
    01/27/2023 (updated)
    A mod that changes some of the colour palettes to those of OCs and friends/friends' characters

    I really only uploaded this so that my friends wouldn' ...

    Jojo's Golden Wind BGM
    Gamebanana P5R-NX Mod by Kataku-Kun
    This mod replaces the Karukozaka High Uniform BGM with themes from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind.

    Fighting Gold - Ambush
    Uragirimono no Requie ...

    Improved Title Screen Logo
    Gamebanana P3P-PC Mod by TheNXTCypher

    The original Logo used in this "Remaster" sucks butt. It bothers me. It bothers you right? Let's dunk on Atlus some more about it. Alright now s ...

    White Title Screen Logo
    Gamebanana P3P-PC Mod by ThatCubeGamer
    01/27/2023 (updated)
    The original PSP release of Persona 3 Portable uses the white version of the game's logo, while the port uses the black version (without even putting ...

    Title Screen Fix+
    Gamebanana P3P-PC Mod by Pixelguin
    01/27/2023 (updated)
    This mod fixes errors in P3P's title sequence.

    • Re-aligns Atlus logo in the intro sequence
    • Removes trademark symbols from the Persona 3 Portable l ...

    Naoto Protag
    Gamebanana P3P-PC Mod by MadMax1960
    01/27/2023 (updated)
    This mod fully replaces Naoto over both the Male, and Female protag in P3P. 

    This includes portraits, models, and voices. 

    Sukuna Hikona is also ove ...