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Removed Jiggle Physics
Gamebanana P4D Mod by MadMax1960
As the like, only P4D modder around I don't particularly care about quality all that much when it comes to skins. I mostly just make them for a friend ...

How to Install Mods for Persona 4 Dancing (Vita3K)
Gamebanana P4D Guide by MegaCatYu

• Mod Compendium

1. Right click P4D in Vita3K, hover over Open Folder, and click Application.

2. Open the data folder and copy the da ...

Better EPL Injector
P5 Tool by SecreC
A CLI tool to extract and inject files that are embedded in EPLs, BEDs, EPTs, and EPDs. Just drag your file(s) on the exe to extract, and drag a directory to inject! Requires .NET 6.0.

Persona Voice Clip Editor
P3FES Tool by ShrineFox
GUI for converting files between .WAV and .ADX and unpacking or repacking .ACB and .AWB, supports automatic encryption.

P5 Tool by Pherakki
A Blender 2.81+ plugin for importing and exporting GFS and GAP files.

GFD Studio
P5R Tool by TGE
2/4/2023 (updated)
A model importer and editor for games using the GFD engine. Can import custom rigged meshes and animations as GMD/GFS and GAP, or replace and modify textures and materials.

CriFsLib GUI
P3P Tool by Sewer56
A GUI for quickly and efficiently extracting files from CPK archives.

Nagito Adachi
Gamebanana P4D Mod by MadMax1960
Nagito Adachi

Custom T-Shirt Miku
Gamebanana P4D Mod by DniweTamp
Replaces Miku's default outfit with the T-Shirt module from
Project DIVA Mega Mix+, with a custom design based on Ryuji's t-shirt

Cop Naoto and Chie
Gamebanana P4D Mod by MadMax1960
Chie and Naoto in cop outfits

Goes over Maid Outfit

Weed Yosuke Reincarnation
Gamebanana P4D Mod by MadMax1960
Weed Yosuke but based.

Based on what?

Based on sterotypical 80's Hippies. Complete with smoking blunt and tie die shirt (and shitty jeans).

Include ...

Tokyo Ghoul Outfits
Gamebanana P4D Mod by MadMax1960
Tokyo Ghoul Inspired outfits for Yu and Naoto.

Too lazy to make thumbnail since like maybe 2 people will play this mod anyway lmao

Both over Person ...

M&M Adachi
Gamebanana P4D Mod by MadMax1960
Adachi M&M

He looks delicious!

Eat him!

Over Persona Classics 2

Manually Patching PS4 Persona Games
P5R Guide by ShrineFox
How to patch your own PS4 game eboot.bin and generate your own Update PKG if the automatic Update Creator doesn’t suit your needs.

GMD/GFS/GAP Import Maxscript
P5 Tool by TGE, DeathChaosV2
9/2/2021 (updated)
A maxscript for 3DSMax that allows you to import GMD models and GAP animations from Persona 5.