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PlayStation Button Inputs
Gamebanana P3P-NX Mod by blashy101
This mod is a port/alteration of PixelGuin's mod for the PC version of this game.

Original Mod: Controller UI Overhaul

While the original PC mod wor ...

Persona Voice Clip Editor
P3FES Tool by ShrineFox
GUI for converting files between .WAV and .ADX and unpacking or repacking .ACB and .AWB, supports automatic encryption.

Conan/Case Closed Theme over Life Will Change (In)
Gamebanana P3P-NX Mod by AhmadAL
Swaps Life Will Change Instrumental with Detective Conan/Case Closed Theme (Movie 4 version). Always making me wondering why Life Will Change sounds s ...

Modding Switch version of P3P - Tutorial
Gamebanana P3P-NX Guide by arnon85
Modding Switch version of Persona 3 Portable involves unpacking .cpk files, replacing files inside of them with modded files, rebuilding .cpk files an ...

Gay Romance for Makoto
Gamebanana P3P-NX Mod by arnon85
A port of a mod created by Iredc for the PSP version of P3P. I tested it initially and everything should work. If you encounter bugs which were NOT me ...

Better Title Screen Logo
Gamebanana P3P-NX Mod by arnon85
Update: I managed to compress the .cpk file more, so now it's 90mb instead of 500mb!

I also decided to upload the logo itself (title.bin file), so th ...

Original Persona 3 Opening
Gamebanana P3P-NX Mod by arnon85
Update: I managed to compress the .cpk file more, so now it's a bit smaller.

also decided to upload the opening file itself (P3OPMV_P3P.usm file), ...

CriFsLib GUI
P3P Tool by Sewer56
A GUI for quickly and efficiently extracting files from CPK archives.

When to Use Aemulus or Mod Compendium
P3P Guide by ShrineFox
Learn the differences between the two mod managers for Persona games, and how to set up, install, and create mods with Aemulus.

P3P Tool by TGE
tool for extracting and replacing BMD files within BF scripts (as decompiled MSG files) without the need for recompiling the BF itself. Useful as an alternative to the compiler to avoid issues when all you want to do is simple text edits.

P3P Tool by Du'Slingr
A GUI interface for creating custom ADX and HCA audio files using CriAtomEncoder.