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XB3 Matthew Ryuji Outfit
Gamebanana P5R-PC Mod by Ercar
He's full of beans.

Let me know
Would you rather have these mods in a pack or you would prefer them piecemeal like this and the Rex Joker mod? Obvi s ...

Lord Drakkon Outfit
Gamebanana P5R-PC Mod by Ercar
Was gonna do this for the main Power Rangers Mod but couldn't get it where I wanted it. 

I'm okay enough with it now but let me know if you would pre ...

Futaba Transgender Pin
Gamebanana P5R-PC Mod by WillyWomby
Adds a pin of the transgender flag to all of Futaba's overworld outfits and her P5D outfit

Made for this request

Useless Arsene
Gamebanana P5R-PC Mod by Escargatoire
08/09/2023 (updated)
For those who truly hate themselves, you can now play with a Persona which is weak to everything! Have fun :)

Sae over Joker Overhaul
Gamebanana P5R-PC Mod by QueenAtheia
08/07/2023 (updated)
This mod replaces Joker with Sae in both the Overworld and Metaverse!
A few things before we get into the features. This mod is a WiP and isn't done a ...

Mega Man X costume for Joker
Gamebanana P5R-PC Mod by BobBillans
This mod was created by Scarltz! A cosplay of legendary B-Class Maverick Hunter X for Joker to wear in the Metaverse. The outfit replaces the summer s ...

Blender GFS Plugin Material Collection
Gamebanana P5R-PC Tool by DniweTamp
1. Introduction
A collection of materials for the GMD/GFS Blender plugin.
The archive includes a GMD file with the materials, as well as a custom .ble ...

shadow ops music replaced with (a fool or a clown)
Gamebanana P5R-PC Mod by nomad360
the shadow ops costume music is replaced with a fool or a clown from persona 4 ultimax

the winning theme has not been changed its still the shadow op ...

Kamen Rider X Phantom Thieves
Gamebanana P5R-PC Mod by Ercar
Ok now I'll take a break lmao.

I didn't do weapons this time around because I honestly don't know whose weapon goes where because I still haven't see ...

PS4 Star Light Tycoon Win Texture
Gamebanana P5R-PC Mod by Haalyle
For some reason (most likely for seizures, like with the AOA and Opening), ATLUS changed the win 'light' texture in the re-release so that's it a full ...

Phantom Thief Outfits in the Overworld
Gamebanana P5R-PC Mod by Lolsu64
A very simple mod that aims to replace most of the Main Casts' Uniforms, Casual Outfits as well as Special Event-related Over Clothes (Tracksuits, Swi ...

Power Rangers over Featherman
Gamebanana P5R-PC Mod by Ercar
07/30/2023 (updated)
Hoo boy these models were a pain to work with lmao. Some are better than others but I learned a lot as I kept going. No model for Morgana because scal ...

P5R: Custom Bonus Tweaks
Gamebanana P5R-PC Mod by DeathChaos
07/30/2023 (updated)
Introducing Persona 5 Royal: Custom Bonus Tweaks!

A giant project based around enhancing the end user experience of the game as well as introducing s ...

How to change what costume a mod replaces
Gamebanana P5R-PC Guide by Chancetheunrapper
This tutorial is for Reloaded II.
If you really like a skin mod but wish it went over a different costume, it's pretty easy to do. First, a quick look ...

Xenoblade 3 Music Total Conversion
Gamebanana P5R-PC Mod by ajkalan
There sure have been a load of Xenoblade mods for P5 lately, huh? Well, here, have another!

Thanks to the P5 anime for the group drawing

This is too ...