Web Apps

Here you can find various web utilities I've developed for Persona modding.

RPCS3 Patch Creator
Generate a patch.yml to use for modding Persona 5 (PS3).
Automatically removes conflicting and unwanted patches so you only download what you need.
Read more about how to mod Persona 5 on RPCS3 using these patches, or with a CFW PS3 Console.

PS4 Update Creator
Generate a pre-patched EBOOT.bin or .PKG for installing a modded PS4 Update.

Text Search
Search for which file contains certain dialog and flowscript code.
If you're looking for a certain file in P3P, P3FES, P4(G) or P5(R), you can enter part of the dialog or flowscript code and narrow down where it might be.

View pre-dumped files from each game.
To save you time in case you accidentally lost or overwrote a copy of your own dumped files, you can look for a copy of the original to download here.

Important: these are not "complete" dumps of the game, and cannot be used to install or run any content that you don't own. These are provided for research and development purposes only.