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Cutscene Accurate Queen
Gamebanana P5R-PC Mod by SparkBlakintine
A simple mod that recolours Makoto's Metaverse Outfit, Q2 Costume and portaits to be more blue, like in the anime cutscenes and Q2/Tactica artwork.

(WIP) P4 Fog Restoration
Gamebanana P4G64 Mod by BrawlerAce
Set your contrast setting in-game to 2 for the best experience!

What is this?
Persona 4 Golden's release came with significant changes to the game's ...

Shadowed's Narukami Palettes
Gamebanana P4AU Mod by Shad0wed
07/08/2024 (updated)
This is a set of palettes for Yu Narukami that I made. Here is the list of what they reference.
Alt 4 - Scott the Woz & Vince Young (Scott the Woz/Mad ...

Interface Enhancement Pack
Gamebanana P4G64 Mod by Pixelguin
07/08/2024 (updated)
This is a compatibility pack that combines several UI improvement mods:

Arcana Localization Fix
Corrects a mistranslated Social Link Arcana.
Check th ...

(WIP) The Jester Boss Battle!
Gamebanana P5R-PC Mod by NyxYT
07/08/2024 (updated)

Creates a custom boss battle against the 'Magatsu Inaba' boss, or as I call him "The Jester".

This battle ...

UI Restoration Pack
Gamebanana P4G64 Mod by Pixelguin
07/08/2024 (updated)
This mod restores classic UI elements that were changed with the 64-bit update:

• The font used in the title screen menu has been restored.
• The fon ...

(WIP) Persona 4 Neutral Spanish Translation
Gamebanana P4 Mod by DeluxeRandom
Español:Esta modificación planea ser una traducción completa al español neutro para Persona 4, tanto en texto como en UI, cualquier posible ayuda a es ...

It's Going Down Now PS2 Remix (Advantage Theme)
Gamebanana P3FES Mod by xTril
07/06/2024 (updated)
This song plays when player advantage is triggered. It's a remix of It's Going Down Now from Persona 3 Reload that fits in with the theme of Persona 3 ...

Dojima is a Family Guy (64 bit)
Gamebanana P4G64 Mod by FloppyRichard
Replaces Ryotaro Dojima with Peter Griffin from Family guy

this is a port from the 32 bit version

Yukiko Castle - PS2 Wall Texture
Gamebanana P4G64 Mod by qtrew
Those stripes are the weirdest design choice/change I've ever seen.
Came across the original texture in the CPK, fixed the vertical seam, here it is.

Themed Ambush Music
Gamebanana P5R-PC Mod by swirlyjenna
Haven't you gotten tired of constantly ambushing your enemies in a Palace and hearing Take Over? Wouldn't you like to spice it up with something new? ...

We hate the cops.
Gamebanana P5R-PC Mod by Mosder
Replaces the dialogue choices in Makoto's confidant events with a certain line said to guncle.
Also removes the option to romance Makoto (because we h ...

Mass Destruction -reload-
Gamebanana PQ2 Mod by oceanstuck
07/02/2024 (updated)
Replaces the original version of Mass Destruction as heard in the bonus battle bgm with the version from P3R.

This is not a DLC unlocker.

Party AI Fixes
Gamebanana P3P Mod by frantastic
07/02/2024 (updated)
Inspired by P3R AI Tactics Fixes, P5R AI Tactics Fixes and P3FES New Moon Balance Patch, this mod aims to bring the player a closer experience to that ...

(SPOILERS) The Culprit is Always Deranged
Gamebanana P4G64 Mod by MegaCatYu
For the 32 bit version of the mod, click here:

Have you ever felt scared playing P4G, knowing that the culprit cou ...