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Wind over Force
Gamebanana SMT3 Mod by Century_
This mod replaces all mentions of Zan/Force skills with Garu/Wind.
It is compatible with both the Nintendo Switch version of the game and its PC relea ...

Wind Over Force
Gamebanana SMTV Mod by Tekka
06/24/2022 (updated)
Replaces all Zan's with Garu's and Force's with Wind's.

A Beastly Personality
Gamebanana SMTV Mod by Cobalion
01/16/2022 (updated)
Do you miss the classic Beast dialogue in previous mainline games? Do you think the Beast dialogue in this game is a little hit and miss? Do you like ...

PS4 and Xbox One controller UI buttons
Gamebanana SMTV Mod by DniweTamp
Replaces default Switch button prompts with custom ones based on PS4/PS5 and Xbox One controller ones made in the same style

Nocturne Press Turn Icons
Gamebanana SMTV Mod by Saitsu
I will change the colors to properly fit Nocturne's whenever I find out how to do it.
Should work with all languages, I only tested in english and jap ...

Persona 5 Skill Icons
Gamebanana SMTV Mod by HaythamQuake
Did you know that a majority of SMT V's UI is borrowed from Tokyo Mirage Session #FE? A lot of people noticed, including myself, almost immediately in ...

Classic SMT Affinity Text
Gamebanana SMTV Mod by MeovvCAT
Changes the Element Affinity to be text based like previous Megaten titles instead of the icons chosen for the SMTV Localization.

To install:

AppDat ...

2D Devil Bustups
Gamebanana SMTV Mod by BestestHD
11/20/2021 (updated)
Mod that uses 2D art for demon bustups shown in battle, during fusion, etc. (everything except loading screens basically)

join the smt modding discor ...

Gamebanana SMTV Mod by DniweTamp
Edits buttons icons from switch prompts to ones seen in KH3 on PS4

(WIP) P5-like battle icons
Gamebanana P3FES Mod by Kris!
11/06/2021 (updated)
Battle icons that try to look like the p5 ones

now works with the p3p ui mod, i just changed it to be .tmx files instead of the bp_all.bin with the t ...

P3 Battle UI Overhaul (WIP)
Gamebanana P3FES Mod by yukaris.left.thigh
07/28/2021 (updated)
Aims to replace or reshape in-battle UI for a new look

Special thanks to wxnder for the new logo!

(WIP) Controller Button UI Replacements
Gamebanana P3FES Mod by ARandomGuy231
07/22/2021 (updated)
This mod replaces the Controller Button UI with your choice of either a Xbox or Switch UI (once Xbox is finished).

The way the game handles the UI n ...

Product Sans Font for Persona 5
P5 Mod by hanakomisa
Changes the UI font to Google's Product Sans.

EVT Testing Mod
P5 Mod by TGE
Edit prebuild.bat with the proper paths to EVTTool and PAKPack in order to automatically compile edited event JSONs and test the results before the title screen even loads.

P4G Save Editor
P4G Tool by Fendroidus
Edits decrypted savedata bin files dumped from P4G.