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(WIP) Nocturne Graphics Configurator
Gamebanana SMT3 Mod by vv--
06/25/2023 (updated)
I'd appreciate any help! My discord is on my profile, we can share info and make this game better.

This mod aims to give you a few miscellaneous opti ...

How to replace models
Gamebanana SMT3 Guide by vv--
06/19/2023 (updated)
------------------------------------SECTION 0: Information------------------------------------

I made this tutorial because it seems to be very hard ...

(WIP) SMT V Demi-Fiend in Nocturne
Gamebanana SMT3 Mod by vv--
06/16/2023 (updated)
This aims to integrate the SMT V fiend into nocturne, since the other attempt to do it was abandoned. This requires a lot of micro edits to geometry a ...

(WIP) Minimap Over Compass
Gamebanana SMT3 Mod by vv--
03/29/2023 (updated)
Not finished

things left to do;
• force normal map to update constantly

• properly mirror map icons to the mini clone

• fix layout/visual issues, b ...

How to create code mods
Gamebanana SMT3 Guide by vv--
01/01/1970 (updated)
Nessecary steps and optional steps

This is listed as intermediate, but it really depends exactly what you're trying to make. Super simple mods are of ...