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Some of my coding endeavors that I still actively maintain.


A flexible Discord server moderation tool using Discord.Net.
GitHub Repository

An open source database of user-submitted tools, mods, guides
and cheats for various Atlus titles.
GitHub Repository

Persona 5 Mod Menu

A multi-purpose custom menu that gets loaded when you press the Square button.
Edit cameras, flags, the calendar, player stats, personas and skills--
as well as view animations, models, fields, events and more.
GitHub Repository


A program for creating custom "bustup" portraits in Persona 5 (PS3)
as well as updating the X/Y offsets for blinking/talking sprites.
GitHub Repository


A tool for creating working P4G (PC/Vita) custom models.
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Videogame modification projects I've undertaken.

P5 Adachi Mod

The Completely Self-Centered Cabbage Detective returns!
This time he stars in his own quest, investigating society's most twisted hearts.
Experience the highly acclaimed RPG again from a new angle;
Download (PS3)

Playable Mipha (BotW)

A mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Wii U/Switch)
that replaces Link's default model and armor with Mipha's.
Includes a new paraglider design, jewelry armor set, super fast
swimming speed, unbreakable* Lightscale Trident, and the
ability to climb waterfalls/spin attack with any armor.
Gamebanana (Switch)
Gamebanana (Wii U)

Playable Isabelle (ACNH)

Play as Isabelle instead of a human villager in
Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch), complete with
expressions and compatibility with most clothing.
Gamebanana (Switch)

Paper Ness (TTYD)

A mod for Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door that replaces Mario's
textures and voices with Ness. Features text edits, BGM
replacements and easter eggs related the Mother series.

Currently on the perpetual backburner,
but I'd like to bring it back soon.

More mods available at Gamebanana and Amicitia.

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