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Shortened Intro
Gamebanana P3P-PC Mod by wxnder
06/18/2023 (updated)
This mod shortens the introduction dialog from a total of eight sentences to a single line of dialog.

No Small Potatoes
Gamebanana P5R-PC Mod by Light8227
06/04/2023 (updated)
Makes a line of dialogue in the 3rd Semester revert to what it was before one of the P5R updates.

P5R Bahasa Indonesia
Gamebanana P5R-PC Mod by adlwn
04/14/2023 (updated)
*Please let me know if any bugs occured with screenshots, ty!

Konnichi-WAii (Kasumi Hawaii Hangout)
Gamebanana P5R-PC Mod by DriftUponDreams
Minor spoilers for P5R (and Kasumi's arc) included!

What is this mod?
This mod adds a simple additional event for hanging out with Kasumi du ...

Social Link Cheat Sheet (WIP)
Gamebanana P3P-PC Mod by anythingtheghost
02/16/2023 (updated)
(F) = Friendship Route
(R) = Romance Route

This mod currently does not include the Male route, however I do plan to release an update to add it over ...

P3P Sapphic Classic
Gamebanana P3P-PC Mod by CandidateOfLoyalty
02/14/2023 (updated)
This does the same thing as the original version of the sapphic mod - copies the MMC's version of the Fuuka, Yukari, and Mitsuru social links over for ...

Chihiro for FEMC
Gamebanana P3P-PC Mod by Sate
This mod effectively replaces Kotone's version of the Old Couple social link with Chihiro Fushimi from Makoto's male route. It's been edited a bit to  ...

FEMC can romance Elizabeth
Gamebanana P3P-PC Mod by Sate
If you didn't know, FEMC's version of the final dorm trip with Elizabeth was rather infamously edited to remove the final romantic option, despite lit ...

Improved Naoto Social Link
Gamebanana P4G64 Mod by MadMax1960
The main purpose of this mod is to give Naoto Social Link a better feel and flow for her romance Route. The changes that have been made, while small, ...

Yosuke Romance UwU
Gamebanana P4G64 Mod by MadMax1960
Same as Yosuke romance, but UwU mod compatible.

Yosuke Romance
Gamebanana P4G64 Mod by MadMax1960
It's finally here! 

After a long time of being lazy, procrastinating, testing params, and fixing spelling errors, the mod is here. 

This mod adds a ...

Better Haru Rejection
Gamebanana P5R-PC Mod by ravxnz
Ever felt like a jerk after rejecting Haru? Well, this is the mod for you.

mod simply alters what Haru says after you reject her to make you se ...

Classroom Cheat Sheet
Gamebanana P3P-PC Mod by MadMax1960
Port of Wxnder's mod from PSP with his permission, along with a couple quick fixes to 2 errors from the original.

Bad Apple (Event)
Gamebanana P5R-PC Mod by BobbyTheCatfish
Recreates the Bad Apple music video in an event... with an apple model
All the tools and scripts I used are included in the mod if you want to try mak ...

Jazz Club Skill Cards
Gamebanana P5R-PC Mod by AnotherNicholas
Taking Futaba to the Jazz Club on a Sunday's she will give the player the appropriate skill card for that day.

Might do a bigger mod changing around ...