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Setting Up Persona 5 EX
P5 Guide by ShrineFox
Learn how to set up DeathChaos’s Persona 5 EX, an overhaul mod the PS3 version of P5.

Manually Patching PS4 Persona Games
P5R Guide by ShrineFox
How to patch your own PS4 game eboot.bin and generate your own Update PKG if the automatic Update Creator doesn’t suit your needs.

Installing Persona Mods on PS4
P5R Guide by ShrineFox
12/21/2021 (updated)
A full walkthrough for generating modded P5R Updates, and exploiting the PS4 to install them.

Using PQ(2) Patches
PQ Guide by ShrineFox
Adding DC's PQ(2) patches to the game for mod.cpk support and longer protagonist names.

Persona 5 Mod Support (patch.yml)
P5 Mod by TGE
9/13/2020 (updated)
An EBOOT modification for loading modded files from a custom mod.cpk file in the USRDIR folder.
Also includes the following optional mods: 60 FPS, logging of accessed files to debug console, HUD/blur/distortion toggle, randomized battle music, skipping DLC unlock messages, skipping opening logos

Adding Randomized Battle Tracks to Persona 5 (PS3)
P5 Guide by ShrineFox
This is an advanced tutorial on adding extra DLC music tracks to the game and shuffling them randomly between battles using an EBOOT modification.

Persona 5 EBOOT Patching
P5 Guide by ShrineFox
This tutorial goes into detail on how to add patches from patch.yml to an EBOOT.BIN on a CFW PS3.

Persona 5 RPCS3: Creating Mods
P5 Guide by Cryptoss, ShrineFox
Find out how to create your own Persona 5 mods using the Mod Compendium.

Persona 5 RPCS3: Setup & Installing Mods
P5 Guide by Cryptoss, ShrineFox
This straightforward tutorial lists everything you need in order to run Persona 5 mods on RPCS3.