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Extracting and Replacing P3P Battle Cut-In .EPL Files
P3P Guide by Fortuna
(Works for P3P, Persona 4, and probably P3 and P4 Golden)
(Thanks to narcku giving a mini-tutorial for extracting .epl files here:

010 Editor GFD Template
P5 Tool by TGE
010 Editor Template for GMD/GFS/BED/EPL/EPT/BFL. Now with full support for EPL.

P5 EPL Injector
P5 Tool by TGE
10/29/2018 (updated)
Drag an EPL file from Persona 5 onto this EXE to extract all GMD files. Drag a folder containing GMD files onto the EXE to repack the EPL file. Useful for editing effect models or All Out Attack images.