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GMD/GFS/GAP Import Maxscript
P5 Tool by TGE, DeathChaosV2
9/2/2021 (updated)
A maxscript for 3DSMax that allows you to import GMD models and GAP animations from Persona 5.

Black Mask Intruder MC
P5 Mod by 09HarryV
Become Black Mask Intruder as protagonist in the awesome JRPG game Persona 5! Save the world from its doom!!

P5 Character Swapper
P5 Tool by ShrineFox
A program that automatically replaces one character's models and animations with another. It attempts to match up outfit IDs and falls back to a default model (051 by default) if no match is found.
You can also optionally retarget models or animations from one character to another.

MC - no hands in pockets for idle animations
P5 Mod by Crowpocalypse
Small mod for those who'd like to take screen shots of custom MC models without the character putting their hands in their pockets.

P5R Animation Backport (GFDStudio Fork)
P5R Tool by Elvagan
GFD Studio Fork that will automatically convert P5R Animations to be loadable in P5 vanilla. It's still not in a release state so you'll need to compile it by yourself to test it. But I believe some people might be interested with it :)

Loading GMD Models and Animations in 3DSMax
P5 Guide by ShrineFox
This guide explains how to load GMD models and GAP animations properly in 3dsmax (including models from the Dancing games)