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(WIP) Persona 5 EX
Gamebanana P5 Mod by DeathChaosV2
04/11/2023 (updated)
P5 EX is a collection of custom code patches (and also a mod) made possible by TGE's mod prx implementation that allows both the re-use and total reco ...

Phoenix Ranger Featherman R Outfits
Gamebanana P5S Mod by DeathChaosV2
This mod gives the original Phantom Thieves their Featherman outfits from Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight (so no Sophia and Wolf for obvious reasons). ...

P5R Midwinter Casual Joker
Gamebanana P5S Mod by DeathChaosV2
05/11/2022 (updated)
Joker's Casual Midwinter Outfit from P5R rigged and imported over Phantom Thief Joker.

(Note: Face outlines are fucked when seen from a distance and ...

Fix Softlock for Community Patches
Gamebanana P5 Mod by DeathChaosV2
03/18/2022 (updated)
This is a mod that is intended to be used as your lowest priority mod to fix some softlock issues with Community Patches due to un-hardcoding some asp ...

Expanded DLC Outfits
Gamebanana P5 Mod by DeathChaosV2
02/04/2022 (updated)
NOTE: Community Patches will no longer enable the BGM for these DLC outfits, please use P5EX instead to get everything out of this mod.

Backports Per ...

Expanded BGM AWB
Gamebanana P5 Mod by DeathChaosV2
This is simply the Expanded BGM CPK used within P5EX as its standalone Aemulus format download.

When used with either Unhardcoded BGM Patch or P5EX, ...

Persona 3 Dancing Font
Gamebanana P5 Mod by DeathChaosV2
10/03/2021 (updated)
Ports Persona 3 Dancing's font (Vita) to P5 using the P5R font as a base.
Glyph spacing was automatically converted from P3D format to P5 and then the ...

GMD/GFS/GAP Import Maxscript
P5 Tool by TGE, DeathChaosV2
9/2/2021 (updated)
A maxscript for 3DSMax that allows you to import GMD models and GAP animations from Persona 5.

4K UI Upscale [Aemulus Version]
Gamebanana P5 Mod by DeathChaosV2
This mod was originally not made by me, this mod was made by Rexis, original post for the mod can be found here with the necessary patch.

I have simp ...

KTID Splitter
Gamebanana P5S Tool by DeathChaosV2
This tool lets you convert KTID files to txt and back
It also lets you split previously merged with Cethleann (Nyotengu.KTID) G1T files back into sepa ...

(WIP) Phoenix Ranger Featherman Outfits
Gamebanana P5S Mod by DeathChaosV2
Replaces the gameplay Phantom Thief models with Phoenix Ranger Featherman Outfits from Persona 5 Dancing

P3P FeMC over Fuuka
Gamebanana P3D Mod by DeathChaosV2
A P3P FeMC Replacement over Fuuka, heavily inspired by Jinster's own VRChat variant.

Currently this mod contains the following;
- 1 Hair model (base) ...

Boot Logos Skip Patch
Gamebanana CFB Mod by DeathChaosV2
This is a game code patch that skips the logos seen when booting the game, meaning the game will boot straight into the title screen, no unskippable l ...

FeMC over Fuuka
P3D Mod by DeathChaosV2
Replaces Fuuka's default appearance with FeMC from P3P. Shoutout to Jinsters on DeviantArt for the hair and headphones models.

Persona 5 Unmasked
P5 Mod by ShrineFox, DeathChaosV2
3/8/2019 (updated)
A mod that removes the masks from all party members' Phantom Thief outfits. Includes edited models and bustups. Note: Not all HUD elements have masks removed yet.