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Persona 5 Mod Support (patch.yml)
P5 Mod by TGE
9/13/2020 (updated)
An EBOOT modification for loading modded files from a custom mod.cpk file in the USRDIR folder.
Also includes the following optional mods: 60 FPS, logging of accessed files to debug console, HUD/blur/distortion toggle, randomized battle music, skipping DLC unlock messages, skipping opening logos


Persona 5 EBOOT Patching
P5 Guide by ShrineFox
This tutorial goes into detail on how to add patches from patch.yml to an EBOOT.BIN on a CFW PS3.


Persona 5 RPCS3: Creating Mods
P5 Guide by Cryptoss, ShrineFox
Find out how to create your own Persona 5 mods using the Mod Compendium.


Persona 5 RPCS3: Setup & Installing Mods
P5 Guide by Cryptoss, ShrineFox
This straightforward tutorial lists everything you need in order to run Persona 5 mods on RPCS3.


Scalable/Redrawn Bustups (RPCS3 Fix)
P5 Mod by lipwig, AEBus, Gink
This mod fixes the notorious bustup scaling issue for P5 on RPCS3. Unlike previous iterations of this fix, this mod does not have any annoying lines appearing when a character blinks or talks. These bustups were slightly "redrawn" and edited, so that the problem no longer occurs.