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Patch.yml Creator

Choose the patches below you would like to enable.
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The new format works with recent versions of RPCS3's Patch Manager. Place your patch.yml in RPCS3/Patches and go to Manage > Game Patches.
The old format should still be supported by RPCS3 itself but not the Patch Manager. It is also supported by RPCS3PatchEboot.

PPU Hash (Required):
You can find your PPU hash by running the game and then opening "RPCS3.log" with a text editor.
Use CTRL+F to search for "PPU executable hash" and replace this string with yours. Patches won't work if you don't provide the correct hash!

Note: For p5_UnlockPersonaUsingEnemies, use this table.pac (which goes in your mod's battle folder).
EXIST.TBL - Makes all RESERVE enemies and personas usable
ENCOUNT.TBL - Fixes story twins encounter flags
UNIT.TBL - Fixes story twins unit flags so they dont vanish when defeated like shadows (and fixes stats so fight is winnable, since it's a real fight now)

And for p5_communityPatches, install this mod with the lowest priority to prevent softlocks.

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