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Big Personas Backport Mod
P5 Mod by Magatsu
12/26/2020 (updated)
Backports Personas from P5R and other games. Includes:
-The new Arcanas from Royal
- New Custom Personas
- New skills
- Royal Personas now in their original slots

Unofficial P5R 010 Template
P5R Tool by Scarltz
12/15/2020 (updated)
010 Template for editing TBL files in Persona 5 Royal.

PersonaRandomizer (Beta)
P5 Tool by ShrineFox, TGE
A largely untested WIP tool meant to randomize TBL values in Persona games. P5's ENCOUNT.TBL should work for randomized encounters.

Binary Templates
P3FES Tool by TGE, LillianGoulston
7/10/2020 (updated)
Templates for 010 Editor that makes editing various formats easier.

P5 Mod by ReLyf
This mod replaces The Twin Fight Challenge with not 1 but 2 Akechi. Known issue: Not compatible with PS3 (still dont know why)

Usable Loki
P5 Mod by Fish
This mod gives Loki a complete Skill tree!
This is an early version of the mod so you can currently only access Loki by using the Amicitia mod menu (Add Persona/L/Loki 219). Loki's weaknesses and resistances are now completely original

P5 Mod by Pengdoo
This mod increases the stats of most enemies and changes the AI of bosses past the 5th Palace. Regular enemies and Mementos bosses will have their attributes (St, Ma, En, Lu, Ag) increased and their HP multiplied. Moreover, Mementos missions and Palace bosses will yield much more EXP and yen than usual. If you consider using it, I recommend you play on Merciless difficulty: the x3 multipliers on Critical and Technical hits shorten the fight with high HP enemies.

P5 Tool by ShrineFox
You can use this to edit strings in the NAME.TBL until a better solution comes along. Only works with unedited Persona 5 NAME.TBL for now.