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Epic Partypanel in Color -4K Edition-
P5 Mod by Century_
Epic Partypanel In Color - Now in 4k!

E.P.I.C (Epic Partypanel In Color) -Royal Edition-
P5R Mod by Century_
The P5R partypanel was lacking some major drip, so I made this mod. It adds a new colored version of the character sprites that are used in battle.

E.P.I.C (Epic Partypanel In Color)
P5 Mod by Century_
This EPIC mod, changes the textures from the P5 partypanel to colorful version of the battle portraits.

Binary Templates
P3FES Tool by TGE, LillianGoulston
7/10/2020 (updated)
Templates for 010 Editor that makes editing various formats easier.