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Atlus Script Tools
P3FES Tool by TGE
11/23/2020 (updated)
WIP set of tools developed for handling Atlus' script formats including:
flow script files (.bf)
message script files (.bmd)
This can be used to change/add dialog to several Atlus games that use BF/BMD (including Persona 4 & 5) and also modify the scripts that control certain aspects of the game like events, enemy AI etc.

P5 Mod by ReLyf
This mod replaces The Twin Fight Challenge with not 1 but 2 Akechi. Known issue: Not compatible with PS3 (still dont know why)

P5 Mod by Pengdoo
This mod increases the stats of most enemies and changes the AI of bosses past the 5th Palace. Regular enemies and Mementos bosses will have their attributes (St, Ma, En, Lu, Ag) increased and their HP multiplied. Moreover, Mementos missions and Palace bosses will yield much more EXP and yen than usual. If you consider using it, I recommend you play on Merciless difficulty: the x3 multipliers on Critical and Technical hits shorten the fight with high HP enemies.

Talk Animation Fix
PQ2 Mod by DeathChaos, ShrineFox
A bug in the English localization of PQ2 causes protagonists' mouths to no longer animate during voiced cutscenes.

This mod is meant to fix that bug. Note: this hasn't been heavily tested yet, so if you encounter any issues, let us know.

All-Out-Attack Testing Mod
P5 Mod by ShrineFox
This should make it a snap to quickly test changes to All Out Attack renders for any character.
1. Edit prebuild.bat with the paths to PAKPack and AtlusScriptCompiler
2. Edit this mod's Data/field/ according to which party members you want (should be fairly straightforward)
3. Build the mod from the Mod Compendium and it will automatically compile the BF and repack the PAC!

PM1 Message Script Editor
P3FES Tool by TGE
Unpacks and repacks text from PM1 (event) files as MSG files that you can edit.

P3P Tool by TGE
tool for extracting and replacing BMD files within BF scripts (as decompiled MSG files) without the need for recompiling the BF itself. Useful as an alternative to the compiler to avoid issues when all you want to do is simple text edits.