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Modding this game requires a mod.cpk patch.

(WIP) Eyes Of Heaven Q2
Gamebanana PQ2 Mod by SkewerMan
12/11/2021 (updated)
This Mod will allow you to replace various images of different personas with different stands from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure! This is a WiP, so more im ...


PQ2 Translation WIP
Gamebanana PQ2 Mod by Kris!
11/28/2021 (updated)
What is this

This mod tries to replace all of PQ2's japanese voicelines to english, Using voicelines from games like p3f/p, p4g, p5r

How far is this ...


P5 Skill icons
Gamebanana PQ2 Mod by Kris!
Changes the skill icons seen in battle to ones in P5/R or hand drawn by me, attempting to be close to them

wow look it's the first non wip mod in the ...


Talk Animation Fix
PQ2 Mod by DeathChaos, ShrineFox
A bug in the English localization of PQ2 causes protagonists' mouths to no longer animate during voiced cutscenes.

This mod is meant to fix that bug. Note: this hasn't been heavily tested yet, so if you encounter any issues, let us know.