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To learn how to install and run Aemulus Package Manager compatible mods, see this guide.

Modding this game requires a mod.cpk patch.

Expanded DLC Outfits
Gamebanana P5 Mod by DeathChaosV2
10/21/2021 (updated)
NOTE: Community Patches will no longer enable the BGM for these DLC outfits, please use P5EX instead to get everything out of this mod.

Backports Per ...

Misc Skin

Confidant Cheat Sheet (Aemulus Port)
Gamebanana P5 Mod by AugmentedAntics
This mod shows the amount of points certain responses offer when doing Confidant events. The points shown assume you have a matching Persona.

This is ...

Spanish Cutscenes
Gamebanana P5 Mod by Artur16211

This mod adds Spanish subtitles to the cutscenes based on the translation of royal.

Este mod añade subtítulos en español a las ...

Biker Ann
Gamebanana P5 Mod by DniweTamp
10/12/2021 (updated)
Replaces Phantom Thief Ann model with an outfit inspired by Jeanne's look in Bayonetta 2 (with custom shadows and P5D long hair)

Misc Skin

Expanded BGM AWB
Gamebanana P5 Mod by DeathChaosV2
This is simply the Expanded BGM CPK used within P5EX as its standalone Aemulus format download.

When used with either Unhardcoded BGM Patch or P5EX, ...


Spanish PS4 Buttons
Gamebanana P5 Mod by Artur16211
10/09/2021 (updated)

This mod changes the PS3 Spanish interface to the PS4 equivalent.


Spanish:Este mod cambia la interfaz en español de PS3 a la e ...

Misc UI

Royal VA Backport Mod
Gamebanana P5 Mod by KingJackSkellington
10/07/2021 (updated)
This mod aims to backport the new voicelines introduced in Royal in cutscenes that were originally voiceless or used grunts, single words, etc.

Addit ...


[F/E] High Effort™? Moon Cell Field Port
Gamebanana P5 Mod by Cherry Cream Soda
10/06/2021 (updated)
What is this mod?
Over the course of a few months, the process of porting fields to Persona 5 has greatly expanded in depth. However, 90% of these adv ...


Royal Character Models
Gamebanana P5 Mod by DniweTamp
10/05/2021 (updated)
This mod has all models that were updated from PS3 P5 to P5R. Only the models that were actually changed are in the mod. I also included the Royal Pau ...

Misc Skin

P3MC over Joker
Gamebanana P5 Mod by DniweTamp
10/05/2021 (updated)
P5R's "SEES Boy" ported to P5, with custom animations and custom models rigged
Also replaces all Joker's weapons with his sword. 
Replaces some UI ele ...

Joker Skin

That Thing From P5D over f000_100
Gamebanana P5 Mod by Cherry Cream Soda
Ports the mesh and material animations of That Thing From P5D into p5 over the dummy field 000_100.


P5R/P5D Font 4K
Gamebanana P5 Mod by zettozoid
10/03/2021 (updated)
Original by DniweTamp. Upscaled to 4K using 8x_NMKD-Typescale_175k in cupscale.
Version 2.0 with accented letters.

For use with 4K UI mod.

Font UI

Persona 5 Character Icons in Color Bundle
Gamebanana P5 Mod by SecreC.
10/03/2021 (updated)
This mod combines all of my 'In Color' mods into one mod so you don't have to find all of them separately.

Please use this mod with higher priority t ...


P5S Joker model + Smash Bros. recolors
Gamebanana P5 Mod by DniweTamp
Ported P5S Phantom Suit model to P5, also included custom Smash Bros. recolors as separate costumes

Joker Skin

Colored Text Message Chat Icons
Gamebanana P5 Mod by SecreC.
10/03/2021 (updated)
This mod colorizes all of the chat icons from party members and confidants. 4K version can be used only with rexis' 4k UI mod. use with higher priorit ...

Sprites UI