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The Royal Project (Release)
Gamebanana P5 Mod by SecreC.
09/18/2022 (updated)
This mod backports pretty much every event added to Persona 5 Royal during the first two semesters.

What is included in this mod:

• All of the new e ...

Confidant Follow-up Event Backport
Gamebanana P5 Mod by SecreC.
08/06/2022 (updated)
This mod backports all of the confidant follow-up events from p5r. this includes all of the post rank 1 scenes and phone calls for other ranks, and al ...

Regular Joker over B/W pause menu Joker
Gamebanana P5 Mod by SecreC.
This mod, in the form of both a patch and Aemulus mod, replaces the black and white Joker model used in the pause menu and metaverse loading screen wi ...

Persona 5 Shop Editor
Gamebanana P5 Tool by SecreC.
07/14/2022 (updated)
A GUI tool for editing regular shops from Persona 5 (R), not including Takemi and Iwai's shops.

.NET 6.0 is required to use this program. More inform ...

Item Mistranslation Fixes
Gamebanana P5 Mod by SecreC.
05/29/2022 (updated)
A few of the items in persona 5 have descriptions in English that don't match their effects. these items include:

Alert Capsule  -  says it cures hun ...

Free Time After Crossword
Gamebanana P5 Mod by SecreC.
05/11/2022 (updated)
Changes the crossword to be like P5R, which gives you slightly less knowledge, but doesn't take a time slot.

EDIT: If you didn't read the updates, th ...

Colored Text Chat Icon Backgrounds
Gamebanana P5 Mod by SecreC.
In Persona 5, all of your party members had different colored backgrounds behind their chat icons, but the rest of the confidants were all given the s ...

Tutorial Skip
Gamebanana P5 Mod by SecreC.
11/16/2021 (updated)
This mod gives players the option to skip a large portion of dialogue and tutorials, and start when the deadline for the first palace is given. It set ...

A Halloween event
Gamebanana P5 Mod by SecreC.
A custom Halloween event created as a submission for A Mudkips Halloween Mod contest.

The event will load when after night time on 10/31, but you may ...

Persona 5 Character Icons in Color Bundle
Gamebanana P5 Mod by SecreC.
10/03/2021 (updated)
This mod combines all of my 'In Color' mods into one mod so you don't have to find all of them separately.

Please use this mod with higher priority t ...

Colored Text Message Chat Icons
Gamebanana P5 Mod by SecreC.
10/03/2021 (updated)
This mod colorizes all of the chat icons from party members and confidants. 4K version can be used only with rexis' 4k UI mod. use with higher priorit ...

Party Member Menu Icons in Color
Gamebanana P5 Mod by SecreC.
10/03/2021 (updated)
i might have an obsession...

colors party member portraits in pause menus, velvet room, and in battle.

hopefully this is the last of the character i ...

Red Flames, Chains, and Persona Glow in battle
Gamebanana P5 Mod by SecreC.
09/01/2021 (updated)
switches the fire particle effects for party members with the ones used by black mask Akechi, and changes the Persona glow effect to red. Doesn't affe ...

Meow?" over Ryuji battle lines
Gamebanana P5 Mod by SecreC.
this shitpost replaces all of ryuji's battle lines with "Meow?" from that scene where you first see Morgana in the real world.

Akechi with Joker's hair and Glasses
Gamebanana P5 Mod by SecreC.
This mod swaps Akechi's Winter Uniform, Winter Clothes, and Summer Clothes in the metaverse with their 'Joker haired' counterparts.

requires communi ...