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Persona 5 Royal Opening
Gamebanana P5 Mod by BashfulWizard
This replaces the "Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There" opening with the opening from Persona 5 Royal. I haven't seen any mods do this so I thought I could ...

(WIP) Royal Field Backports
Gamebanana P5 Mod by ARandomGuy231
06/26/2023 (updated)
(Comparison Screenshots Provided)

This mod backports some fields from Royal because some things in this game are super crusty. This is very WIP and I ...

The Royal Project (Release)
Gamebanana P5 Mod by SecreC.
04/11/2023 (updated)
This mod backports pretty much every event added to Persona 5 Royal during the first two semesters.

What is included in this mod:

• All of the new e ...

(WIP) Persona 5 EX
Gamebanana P5 Mod by DeathChaosV2
04/11/2023 (updated)
P5 EX is a collection of custom code patches (and also a mod) made possible by TGE's mod prx implementation that allows both the re-use and total reco ...

Female Orpheus
Gamebanana P5 Mod by Pioziomgames
This mod replaces Orpheus with his female counterpart from Persona 3 Portable.

Definitive Persona Redesign
Gamebanana P5 Mod by Mr-Gamejock
10/26/2022 (updated)
Royal is only about a week and a half away from release on steam and I've been holding out for quite awhile with these, but i decided to go public and ...

Vandalize over Last Surprise
Gamebanana P5 Mod by Haalyle
Replaces Last Surprise with Vandalize. You can choose between the normal or explicit versions.

Since I don't want to just upload the whole bgm pack, ...

Trickster Dark-Suit Remastered
Gamebanana P5 Mod by Mr-Gamejock
09/23/2022 (updated)
Just the cool dark suit but restyled In the likeness of the trickster's picaro theme and with joker under the mask as the eyes & hair within mask were ...

Samurai outfit retexture
Gamebanana P5 Mod by Mr-Gamejock
09/23/2022 (updated)
Just a simple mod that retextures the samurai outfit to a more technical black theme for joker and his phantom thieves, It also come with joker's defa ...

Suppressed Handguns
Gamebanana P5 Mod by Mr-Gamejock
09/23/2022 (updated)
Replaces model of all of joker's guns to have suppressors on them, Aswell as muffling gunshots, This might be one of my best quality of life mods yet ...

Saber Hybrid
Gamebanana P5 Mod by Mr-Gamejock
09/23/2022 (updated)
Yet another fine dandy change to the game's weapon list, Here this will Replace Half of Joker's melee arsenal into Sabers, Nothing can sound better th ...

Dark suit with broken mask
Gamebanana P5 Mod by Lightqqz
09/14/2022 (updated)
Replaces the Expanded dlc outfits's darksuit mask with the broken one

Must put it above Expanded dlc outfits in aemulus

Black Mask Mod
Gamebanana P5 Mod by Smash Enjoyer
Welcome to Black Mask Mod! A mod that enables you to play as Akechi as main character. Most of Akechi's models have been ported from Persona 5 Royal a ...

P5: Yaldabaoth's Call
Gamebanana P5 Mod by AugmentedAntics
09/10/2022 (updated)
This is P5: Yaldabaoth's Call, a gameplay and feature mod that attempts to add new layers of content and intrigue, which is the result of a l ...

P5R AOA Cut-ins
Gamebanana P5 Mod by Lightqqz
Just higher quality (all out attack cut in) textures that's used in royal

Compatible with P5EX (put it above ex)

Credits to:Atlus