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Patch Creator

Generate a patch.yml to use for modding Persona 5 on RPCS3.
Read more about Modding P5.

New Format: Works with RPCS3's new Patch Manager. Place downloaded patch.yml in your RPCS3/Patches folder and go to Manage > Game Patches.
Old Format: Can use to patch the EBOOT to run on custom firmware. Read more here.


You can find your PPU hash by running the game and then opening RPCS3.log with a text editor.
Use CTRL+F to search for PPU executable hash, and replace the string below with yours.

Patches won't work if you don't provide the correct hash! The default one provided is for the digital EUR copy.

PPU Hash:

For p5_EX and p5_mod_SPRX, read setup instructions here.
The following are incompatible with p5_EX and will be removed automatically:
p5_ModSupport, p5_FileAccessLog, p5_FixScriptPrintingFunctions, p5_CommunityPatches, p5_BgmRandom

Don't worry, p5_EX includes most of this functionality, but better (except for p5_BgmRandom at the moment).

For p5_4k, use with this mod. You can add this mod above it for 4K Royal bustups.
For p5_communityPatches, install this mod with the lowest priority to prevent softlocks.