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Mod Compendium
P3FES Tool by TGE, ShrineFox, lipsum
6/28/2021 (updated)
Easily create, combine and install multiple mods for Persona 3, 4, 5, P3P, P4G, P5R, PQ, PQ2, Catherine Full Body and the Dancing games.

Atlus Script Tools
P3FES Tool by TGE
11/23/2020 (updated)
WIP set of tools developed for handling Atlus' script formats including:
flow script files (.bf)
message script files (.bmd)
This can be used to change/add dialog to several Atlus games that use BF/BMD (including Persona 4 & 5) and also modify the scripts that control certain aspects of the game like events, enemy AI etc.

P3FES Tool by TGE, Fendroidus
7/12/2020 (updated)
A multi-use tool for hacking Persona games. Can open a variety of different Atlus formats, such as: TMX, SPR, PAC/BIN and RenderWare formats: RMD and TXD. Use this to make custom textures or import custom models!

Binary Templates
P3FES Tool by TGE, LillianGoulston
7/10/2020 (updated)
Templates for 010 Editor that makes editing various formats easier.

P3FES Tool by TGE
7/8/2020 (updated)
Commandline tools by TGE for extracting and repacking various archives.
ACXPack: pack, unpack, or replace contents of ACX files
DDS3Pack: pack, unpack, or replace contents of DDS3's img/ddt
LBPack: pack, unpack, or replace contents of LB files
PakPack: pack, unpack, or replace contents of PAK/PAC/BIN files
DDS3Pack: pack, unpack, or replace contents of SMT1's DATA.BIN

The Almighty Loop Fix
P4 Mod by Qlonever
This mod fixes the looping on Ameno-Sagiri's boss fight theme, which is broken in the original version of Persona 4.

P4G/P5R Fonts
P4 Mod by DniweTamp
Backported from P4G and P5D

Modding Using HostFS on PCSX2 (P3/P4/SMT3)
P4 Guide by ShrineFox
This guide explains how to mod P3, P4, and SMT3 without ever needing to repack your ISO.

Persona 4 hostFS Patch
P4 Mod by TGE
Replace/Add files to the CVMs without repacking.
1. Edit PCSX2_vm.ini inside the PCSX2 ini folder and change the line with 'HostFs=disabled' to 'HostFs=enabled'.
2. Extract the SLUS from the ISO and add the .ELF extension to it.
3. Place replacement files in a folder named after the CVM, which goes in the same directory as the .ELF.
4. Load the game's ISO in PCSX2 (with cheats enabled), and then select "Run ELF" from the "File" menu.

P4 Reincarnation (Alt BGM Mod)
P4 Mod by Robot_Gerbil
A mod that replaces most of the OST tracks with new official arrangements released after the game.

PM1 Message Script Editor
P3FES Tool by TGE
Unpacks and repacks text from PM1 (event) files as MSG files that you can edit.

P3FES Tool by
A tool for packing/unpacking ADX files in AFS Archives. Useful for cutscene voice clips and battle sounds.

P3FES Tool by
A tool for making custom SFD video files. Used for the animated cutscenes and openings.

P3FES Tool by TGE
tool for extracting and replacing BMD files within BF scripts (as decompiled MSG files) without the need for recompiling the BF itself. Useful as an alternative to the compiler to avoid issues when all you want to do is simple text edits.

Persona 4 Moddable Undub
P4 Mod by ShrineFox
This is another version of the original Undub mod for Persona 4, except rebuilt using the Mod Compendium. The game should be the exact same as the previous undub while supporting mods using the new tools.