PS4 Update Creator

Generate a PS4 Game Update with your choice of patches.
Powered by Lipsum's ps4 persona patches (ppp).

Some patches cannot be disabled, such as Mod Support and Intro Skip.
I did this to exponentially reduce the number of PKGs/eboots I would need to create.
These default patches are harmless and generally only beneficial.
If you would still prefer a different combination of patches, see this guide regarding patching games manually.

Mod Support
mod.cpk file replacement via FTP
Loads modded files from a mod.cpk file from /data/p5r on the PS4's internal memory via FTP.
Enabled by default.
Patches Applied to CUSA17416 (Persona 5 Royal, USA):
Mod Support, 5.05 Backport, DLC Msg Skip, Square Menu
Base Game FPKG Hash
In order to install the Update PKG, you must have installed the same base game FPKG I generated it from.
Use a program like HashTab to check if your base game FPKG matches.
If it doesn't match, grab the eboot.bin instead and follow the guide to create your own.

Read more about installing PKGs and setting up the PS4 for modding here.