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PS4 Update Creator

Generate a v1.02 EBOOT with your choice of patches.
Can be used to create a customized PS4 update PKG. Read more.

Once installed, you can use FTP to install mods instead of building a new PKG every time.
Based on Lipsum's ps4 persona patches.

Default Patches

Mod Support Alt (mod_support2) by Lipsum
File replacement via a mod.cpk file (placed in /data/p5r/).
PS4 FW 5.05 Backport (0505) by Lipsum
Makes 5.05 the minimum system firmware required to run the game.
P5 Save Bonus Enabler (P5_save) by Lipsum
Enables P5 save bonus even without P5 saves present on system.
Global Square Menu (square) by Lipsum
Enables the square menu globally (e.g. in Velvet Room or during events or game sections which disable it).
This can be useful for the P5R Mod Menu.

Optional Patches

Intro Skip (intro_skip) by Lipsum
Skips boot logos and intro movie.
Content Enabler (all_dlc) by Lipsum
Enables on-disc content.
Disable Trophies (no_trp) by Lipsum
Prevents the game from unlocking trophies.
ENV Tests (env) by Lipsum
Maps all env/env*.ENV to env/env0000_000_000.ENV.

Game Version

Patch Set

I couldn't support all possible combinations due to the amoung of storage it'd take, so choose a preset combination below or patch your EBOOT yourself.

The following patch crashes the game if env/env0000_000_000.ENV is not present in mod.cpk.
It's recommended to use with the Title Screen Skip mod for instant ENV testing.

The following patches will make your saves incompatible should you stop using them in the future.

Not seeing a combination you'd like to have premade? Ask on the forum!