Recommended Resources

This is my personal list of online resources for unofficial personalization.


Console Modding & Homebrew

/r/PS4homebrew - online community for PS4 modding - online community for Playstation modding - news source for Playstation and other console modding
MODDED WARFARE - YouTube channel focused on PS4 modding


Console Modding & Homebrew

/r/PS3Hacks - online community for PS3 modding - online community for Playstation modding - news source for Playstation and other console modding


Console Modding & Homebrew - comprehensive step-by-step PSVita modding guide
/r/vitahacks - online community for PSVita modding - news source for Playstation and other console modding


Console Modding & Homebrew - comprehensive step-by-step Switch modding guide - online community for Nintendo and other console modding
/r/SwitchHacks - online community for Switch modding
/r/SwitchHaxing - another online community for Switch modding
/r/NXThemes - online community for sharing modded Switch themes - news source for Playstation and other console modding


Console Modding & Homebrew - comprehensive step-by-step 3DS modding guide - online community for Nintendo and other console modding
/r/3DSHacks - online community for 3DS modding - news source for Playstation and other console modding


Device Modding & Homebrew - comprehensive step-by-step iOS jailbreaking guide
/r/jailbreak - online community for iOS modding and sharing tweaks
/r/iOSThemes - online community for sharing tweaked iOS setups
iDownloadBlog - news source for iOS modding and homebrew
Jailbreaking Tools

3uTools - all-in-one swiss army knife of all things iOS
AltServer - installs AltStore, an app for managing unsigned applications, to your phone
Tethered Jailbreaks

checkra1n - jailbreak for iPhone 5s through iPhone X, iOS 12.0 through 14.5
Chimera - iOS 12 — 12.5.5 jailbreak
Odyssey - iOS 13.0 - 13.7 jailbreak
Taurine - iOS 14.0 - 14.3 jailbreak
Unc0ver - iOS 11.0 - 14.8 jailbreak
Recommended Homebrew

Sileo - a package manager for iOS homebrew apps/tweaks
Filza - iOS file manager
MyBloXX - extremely effective system-wide adblock
SafeRespring - easily restart springboard (the main interface process) with the volume buttons in case of any issues
NewTerm - terminal app for iOS
Snowboard - an app for installing and managing themed iOS icon packs
Eneko - video wallpaper/lockscreen
Dress - lockscreen customization with lots of styling options
Rose - system wide haptic feedback
AlarmGroups - set and toggle multiple alarms at once with specific durations
NappyTime14 - shows the time until your next alarm on the lockscreen
Mitsuha Forever - audio visualizer tweak for lockscreen, homescreen, and music apps
Magma EVO - customize the color scheme and layout of your control center
DopeConvos - customize the color scheme and appearance of iMessage
Velaris - scrolling view of your reminders and calendar events on the homescreen, along with weather/temperature
WAQT - change how date/time display on your screen, change the layout, and add even more information
Edge - adds a colorful border around your phone screen, can be solid color, gradient, or animated
FloatyDock - iPad-styled dock on iPhone, allows up to 5 app shortcuts and the last 3 opened apps
DockX - powerful customization for shortcuts below the keyboard like copy, paste, cut, undo, select all etc.
Laetus - customize keyboard appearance (i.e. colors)
Legibilly12 - customize system color scheme
Harmony (outdated) - change Discord's color scheme
DrkCord - change Discord's color scheme
Velvet - customize notification appearance
NotiFill - adds a progress bar to your notifications before they disappear
VolSkip11 - tweak to pause/play/skip currently playing music by holding the volume buttons
Axon - a tweak that elegantly organizes notifications on your lockscreen by icon
Springtomize 5 - tweak for re-arranging homescreen icons and adding custom scrolling animations
PrimalFolder2 - tweak that replaces folder icons with the icon of the first icon in the folder, also allows instant launch by longpressing
HomePlus Beta - another tweak for re-arranging the homescreen layout
iCleaner - app for clearing space on iOS and toggling tweaks/preference bundles (tweak settings in settings app)
ReProvision Reborn - keeps your unsigned apps signed so you don't have to use a PC to resign
DolphiniOS - a port of Dolphin GC/Wii emulator to iOS
RetroArch - a port of RetroArch to iOS
PPSSPP - a port of PPSSPP for iOS
ACNHMobileSpawner - app for modifying Animal Crossing New Horizons memory in real time
NXBoot - app for launching Switch payloads from your phone
Aemulo - app for storing and reusing NFC tags
Crane Lite - Use multiple simultaneous "profiles" for one application
Choicy - blacklist/whitelist tweak injection for certain apps and processes
Activator - app for creating powerful shortcuts to various phone functions
AudioRecorderXS - app for recording calls or your microphone audio using Activator shortcuts
Orion - all-in-one suite of useful iOS system tweaks
IAmLazy - easily backup and restore all your tweaks
CallBlocker - whitelist/blacklist for blocking unwanted callers
Appstore++ - allows you to downgrade and block app updates from the appstore
NetFence - whitelist and blacklist specific network connections in any app
Relocate Reborn - allows you to set your location to somewhere you aren't actually at
SnowBoard Respring Extension - allows you to set a custom respring animation from a set of 12 frame images


Modification Apps

WinAero Tweaker - easily toggle hidden Windows features
0&0 ShutUp10++ - toggle Windows updates, telemetry and other unwanted features
Microsoft PowerToys - adds cool experimental features to Windows
Wallpaper Engine - video backgrounds for Windows
Stardock Fences - group desktop icons into movable, resizable boxes with labels and pages
Stardock Groupy - group windows together with browser-like tabs
Stardock Start11 - restore and personalize the start menu from previous versions of Windows
StartAllBack - an alternative Start Menu/Task Bar styling suite for Windows 10 and 11
Useful Utilities

GifCam - record regions of your screen as gifs instantly
VoiceMeeter Banana - virtual sound mixer for managing input/output sources and volume & recording audio
Virtual Audio Cable - allows you to re-route input as output and vice versa for use with VoiceMeeter
DaVinci Resolve - free, fully featured video editing software that can rival Adobe Premiere
Paint.Net - free image editor with lots of features and an easy to use interface, supports community-made plugins
Blender - free, fully featured industry-standard 3D Modeling and Animation suite
GitHub Desktop - app that makes it easy to create local git repositories for version control and commit/push changes to GitHub
OBS - free, open source screen recording and video streaming software, supports community-made plugins
MPC-HC - free, open source video player similar to VLC, supports a wide range of formats
Foobar2000 - free music/sound player that supports a wide range of formats and community-made plugins
Notepad++ - free, open source notepad alternative with lots of features
Appflowy - free, desktop alternative to Notion
Wox - a launcher that combines with Everything to easily search for programs and files from anywhere with a keyboard combination
Filezilla - free file transfer protocol (FTP) program for managing files across your network
WavePad - premium sound editor, similar to Audacity
Deluge - free, lightweight, portable, cross-platform torrenting software
JDownloader - download multiple files from Google Drive or other sites and resume even if your connection is interrupted
WizTree - A much faster alternative to WinDirStat, which graphs the storage on your PC to help you free up space.
Bulk Rename Utility - allows you to rename multiple files at once by replacing text, or adding/removing suffixes, prefixes etc.
Security Tools

AdBlock Plus or uBlock Origin - browser extensions to filter out unwanted advertisements
VeraCrypt - free, open-source on-the-fly file/disk encryption software
Authy - sync two factor authentication tokens between your phone and computer using your phone number
BitWarden - free, open source password manager that generates and syncs secure passwords across all your devices. Available as app, browser extension or website
TeamViewer - free software to remotely access and control a PC from another device

RetroArch - emulator that supports multiple classic systems, such as Atari, NES, Dreamcast, PS1...
Dolphin - GameCube/Wii emulator
melonDS - DS emulator
Citra - 3DS Emulator
Cemu - Wii U Emulator
Wii U USB Helper - program for unpacking Wii U games for use with Cemu
Yuzu or RyujiNX - Switch Emulators
PCSX2 - PS2 emulator
RPCS3 - PS3 emulator
Modding Tools

BCML - BotW Cross Platform Mod Loader for Wii U/Switch
Switch Toolbox - program for editing various formats in first-party Wii U/Switch games
010 Editor - premium hex editor with support for binary templates, which can be used to map out and edit complex filetypes
HxD - lightweight, portable, easy to use hex editor