P4G PC Mod Loader Released


TGE, creator of many incredibly useful tools for modding various Persona games, has released a Mod Loader for the PC version of Persona 4 Golden.

Some quick background: P4G PC doesn’t store its contents in CPK archives like the Vita version. Instead, they’re in .PAC files– not to be confused with Atlus PACs, but instead similar to Hyperdimension Neptunia’s .PAC format.

This mod loader, a plugin for a program called ReloadedII (used to inject custom code into the game at runtime), effectively bypasses the need to repack PAC files. You can place your modded files in your P4G install directory in folders named after the PAC they’re from. Example below:

To learn how to set up and use this mod loader, read either this guide on Gamebanana written by MadMax1960, or this one on Steam written by TGE himself.

The Mod Compendium has also been updated to include a PC Mode option when building P4G mods. When this is checked, there’s no need to supply a CPK path or compress/use extracted files. Simply supply the path to the “mods” folder inside your P4G install directory and click Build to assemble all your mods immediately! Then it’s just a matter of launching P4G through ReloadedII.

Hopefully this makes it easier than ever to mod P4G thanks to no longer needing a custom firmware Vita or a working Vita emulator. Not to mention a thriving PC gaming community on Steam.

Finally, be sure to also check out lipsum’s P4G Cheat Engine table so that you can modify values in the game’s RAM while it’s running! It features almost all of the same things you can do with the P4G Save Editor (which, by the way, works on P4G PC’s saves– check out this save converter by the same user).


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