P5 Adachi Mod Dev Blog #3: All Out Attack


Believe it or not, creating Adachi’s custom All Out Attack used in the P5 Adachi Mod was done almost last-minute. It wasn’t until late in development that we had an easy way to edit the contents of EPL files, which are used for a wide range of visual effects (particles, 3d models animations…)

battleeventBCDgoodbyebksk_hero_cte.EPL is the file that contains Joker’s AoA portrait and background. By splitting the GMD models from it using TGE’s EPL Injector program, we can then preview and edit them in GFD Studio.

The background, as well as the portrait, are actually 3D models. 

To create our new background, we ripped the background model for the TV World Skybox from Persona 4.

Our “Police Tape” texture is a flat plane with an alpha channel that makes everything but the tape texture transparent, so you can see into the striped void behind it.

We applied a texture animation to the cone, to make it look like the black and red lines scroll outward from the center. Then we replaced Joker’s background model with it.

Similar steps were taken with the foreground model.

Using this method, we can make custom All Out Attacks for other characters, too…


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