Amicitia is under construction


As you can tell, the look and feel of the forum/blog have been redone! I’m going for a more minimalist Wii homebrew menu inspired aesthetic.

The goal of this redesign has been to unify all our platforms, including the blog, which will share this consistent, unique look. Soon, I hope to launch a main site separate from the forums. Hosting and domain name are still being decided for now.

Pictured above: a preview of the proposed “main site” for Amicitia.

I’ve also done away with the Announcements category of the forum, hoping that this blog will effectively replace it, and de-clutter the message board at the same time.

The Featured Submissions page was also removed from the index, having only gathered 200+ hits in the few months despite it being featured prominently on the page.

Meanwhile, Amicitia’s userbase is expanding at an alarming rate, but not interacting with the “featured submissions” feature. As such, it was cut, hopefully to be replaced by a more inviting and user friendly main page that will achieve the same purpose.

We recommend using Google Chrome as your web browser for the best possible presentation, as its CSS3 capabilities allowed me to integrate an animated background.

Last but not least, the PSVita section is now displayed first on the forum. This is due to the insane amount of traffic it gets compared to other sections. I would rather accommodate to the accessibility of this once somewhat hidden facet than continue shining the spotlight on Persona 3 and 4 mods. Rest assured that the modding community will continue despite this!