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Beginner's Guide to Modding Persona 4 Golden
Gamebanana P4G Guide by MadMax1960
08/05/2021 (updated)
Step-by-step instructions for setting up everything you need to install and run P4G mods, plus resources for those who want to make their own!


When to Use Aemulus or Mod Compendium
P3FES Guide by ShrineFox
Learn the differences between the two mod managers for Persona games, and how to set up, install, and create mods with Aemulus.

Creating Perfect TMX Textures
Gamebanana P4G Guide by Pixelguin
02/03/2021 (updated)
What's in this guide?
This guide provides instructions on how to make perfect TMX textures without outlines, haloing, or artifacts. The f ...


How to replace any of the game's videos
Gamebanana P4G Guide by SeeEff
09/02/2020 (updated)
Before you start...
You'll need to have set up Reloaded II & the Persona 4 Mod Loader; see MadMax1960's tutorial on getting started with modding here! ...


P4G Guide to Replacing Sprites
Gamebanana P4G Guide by remdevv
Required Programs:

Reloaded II + P4G Mod Loader -- Loads mods into your game

Amicitia -- Allows you to open .bin and .tmx files

NR2_Unpacker -- Un ...


Updated Music Replacement Guide
Gamebanana P4G Guide by swindlesmccoop
07/24/2020 (updated)
Advantages over the older method

• No modifying and repacking the BGM.xwb
• No backing up files
• No command line tools
• No screwing around with Ste ...


Merging Mods Using the Same Bin Files
Gamebanana P4G Guide by Tekka
Check out Aemulus Package Manager for Automated Bin Merging!

I'm making this tutorial since people keep asking about my mods not showing up due to be ...


Beginner's Guide to Texture Editing P4G (PC)
Gamebanana P4G Guide by MadMax1960
Making re-textures to design something how you want in P4G, or to even just do it for fun it a bit troublesome if you don't know what you're doing. Th ...


How to Use the Persona Mod Compendium
Gamebanana P4G Guide by swindlesmccoop
What is it?
The Persona Mod Compendium is a program created by the great people over at Amicitia, especially TGE. It allows for the creating, combinin ...


P4G Music Swapping Guide (OUTDATED)
Gamebanana P4G Guide by CyclonX
There is now a much more up to date & faster method for modding music. We highly recommend checking out the new tut here.

This guide is only meant t ...