Persona 5 Model/Animations Maxscript Released!


TGE has released his Maxscript for importing P5 and P4D “GMD” models.


  • Proper loading of meshes and materials (additional info in the listener window)
  • Rigging is applied
  • Weapon, character and level models are supported and..
  • Level textures are converted from their custom format into DDS (this requires you to keep the original folder structure intact)
  • Partial animation support. For now it only loads the first animation in a .GAP file. Sometimes GMD files also contain animations but those will be skipped.
  • Some MaxScript code you might find useful if you’re into developing scripts yourself
  • Also loads models from Persona 4 Dancing All Night, but does not yet support loading the faces (p5 doesn’t use them)

Current issues:

  • Some models are displaced, and I cannot find the reason as to why. Be sure to check your models thoroughly! If you have any idea, please let me know.
  • Materials load properly but their parsing is mostly brute forced and can possibly break. Figuring these out has proven to be quite difficult. Again help would be appreciated.
  • Some models don’t load because of embedded particles (most of the enemies in p5). I don’t know how to parse these, so until then models containing these will not load.
  • Rare bug that causes garbage face data to appear, I’m not sure as to why this happens.
  • Due to use of FileIn to seperate code, the script will now no longer work when run in the editor (Evaluate All). Thanks Autodesk