[PC] Persona 4: The Faithful Music Pack

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[PC] Persona 4: The Faithful Music Pack

Post by shibe » Mon Jul 20, 2020 1:31 pm

This mod aims to create an enhanced, yet faithful listening experience for Persona 4 Golden. The selected songs maintain the same tone of the game's original audio while still offering a fresh experience.

Thanks to the work of T-Pose Ratkechi, it is now possible to add randomized encounter BGM as well as unique BGM in nearly every combat scenario. This is accomplished via Cheat Engine script and must be re-enabled every time the game boots. As such, I have split this mod into two packs: a "Vanilla" pack, and a "BGME Addons" pack. For those who only wish to use the Vanilla pack, this also removes the need to merge the init_free.bin file with those of other mods.
List of Changes (May Contain Spoilers)
Vanilla Pack
The Genesis -> The Bond of Everyone's Souls
Memory -> Memory (Unused Version)
Reach out to the Truth -> Reach out to the Truth (Arena)
I'll Face Myself (Battle) -> I'll Face Myself (Reincarnation)
The Fog -> The Fog (ATLUS Konishi Remix)
Period -> Period (P4D)
New Days -> New Days (P4D)
Border of Insanity -> Border of Insanity (P4D)
Who's There? -> Confused Smog
Smile -> Smile (Reincarnation)
Current Net Price Tanaka -> Current Net Price Tanaka (P4D)
Glimpse of a Memory -> Glimpse of a Memory (Q)
How Much? -> How Much? (Q)
Your Affection -> Your Affection (Reincarnation)
Heartbeat, Heartbreak -> Heartbeat, Heartbreak (Reincarnation)
Omen -> Long Way (Animation)
Signs of Love -> Signs of Love (Funky Home Mix)
Alone -> Long Way (Animation)
Backside of the TV -> Backside of the TV (Lotus Juice Remix)
Castle -> Princess Amagi-ya (Traditional Taste Mix)
Sauna -> A Pure-Hearted Beast
Striptease -> Twinkle★Star
Heaven -> Heaven (Reincarnation)
Joy -> Joy (Q2)
Like a Dream Come True -> Like a Dream Come True (Q2)
Reach out to the Truth (First Battle) -> Beauty of Destiny
Traumerei -> Traumerei (Reincarnation)
Girl of the Empty Forest (Another Version) -> Just Like the Wind (Instrumental)
I'll Face Myself (Marie) -> Divine
I'll Face Myself (Kusumi-no-Okami) -> Signal Fire of a Counterattack
Girl of the Empty Forest -> Just Like the Wind
BGM Enhancement Addons
Battle (Regular) 1 - Reach out to the Truth (2nd Verse)
Battle (Regular) 2 - Time to Make History (2nd Verse)
Battle (Regular) 3 - Light the Fire Up in the Night (P3)
Battle (Regular) 4 - Wait and See
Battle (Regular) 5 - Beauty of Destiny
Battle (Advantage) 1 - Reach out to the Truth (1st Verse)
Battle (Advantage) 2 - Time to Make History (1st Verse)
Battle (Advantage) 3 - Light the Fire Up in the Night (P4)
Battle (Advantage) 4 - Remember, We Got Your Back
Battle (Advantage) 5 - Key Plus Words (ATLUS Konishi Remix)
Void Quest Battle (Regular) - Time to Make History (8-bit) by BitLemur
Void Quest Battle (Advantage) - Reach out to the Truth (8-bit) by guest-san
Shadow Yosuke - The Junes Hero
Shadow Chie - Best Friends
Shadow Yukiko - Alone in this World
Shadow Kanji - Time for True Revelation
Shadow Rise - P4D Opening
Shadow Teddie - Kuma Kuma Circus!
Shadow Naoto - Seeker of Truth
Adachi - Ying Yang
Margaret - The Battle for Everyone's Souls (Arena Ultimax)
Yukiko's Castle Mini Boss - Princess Amagi-ya
Steamy Bathhouse Mini Boss - Friendly Conflict
Marukyu Striptease Mini Boss - Pursuing My True Self (ATLUS Kozuka Remix)
Void Quest Mini Boss - Mass Destruction (8-bit) by Sen-pi
Secret Laboratory Mini Boss - Laser Beam
Heaven Mini Boss - Signs of Love (TK Remix)
Magatsu Inaba Mini Boss - A Fool or Clown?
Hollow Forest Mini Boss - Memory (Special Mix)
Yomotsu Hirasaka Mini Boss - Maze of Life
Yukiko's Castle Optional Boss - Break Out Of...
Steamy Bathhouse Optional Boss - Impatience
Marukyu Striptease Optional Boss - Break Out Of... (Free Mix)
Void Quest Optional Boss - I'll Face Myself (8-bit)
Secret Laboratory Optional Boss - Laser Beam (Secret Path)
Heaven Optional Boss - Heaven (Persona Music Live Band)
The download for the mod as well as a usage guide are found here.
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Re: [PC] Persona 4: The Faithful Music Pack

Post by ShrineFox » Mon Jul 20, 2020 4:54 pm

Nice! This seems like a great way to freshen up the experience. I also like that you were thoughtful and separated the init_free from the mod in case it conflicts with other ones.
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