[P5] Kingdom Hearts Soundtrack Replacement Mod

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[P5] Kingdom Hearts Soundtrack Replacement Mod

Post by Aquanort »

I think it would be super cool if someone could replace the Persona 5 OST with songs from the Kingdom Hearts games.

(Here's what I would pick, you can change as much or as little as you like)

Title Screen - Dearly Beloved

Life Will Change - Simple And Clean "Ray Of Hope MIX"

Interrogation - Scent Of Silence

Velvet Room - Destati

Beneath The Mask - Lazy Afternoons

Tension - Villains Of A Sort

Awakening - Shaded Truths

Will Power - Vim And Vigor

King, Queen, And Slaves - This Is Halloween

Last Surprise - Sinister Sundown

Triumph - Crossing The Finish Line

Layer Cake - Shipmasters' Humoresque

Blood Of Villain - Disquieting

Blooming Villain - Shrouding Dark Cloud

Regret - Tears Of The Light

Everyday/Endless Days - Innocent Times

8-Bit Cartidge's - Access The Grid

Tokyo Daylight - Afternoon Streets

Butterfly Kiss - Merlins Magical House

Have A Short Rest - The Secret Forest

My Homie - Laughter And Merriment

Wicked Plan - The Dream

Mementos - The Underworld

A Woman - Waltz Of The Damned

Sunset Bridge - At Dusk I Will Think Of You

Days Of Sisters - Traverse In Trance

Suspicion - Just Wondering

Price - The Silent Forest

Keeper Of Lust - Sinister Shadows

Life Goes On - The Escapade

Memories Of Summer - The Fun Fair

The Days When My Mother Was There- A Day In Agrabah

Alleycat - Missing You

Hawaii - Destiny Islands

Big Bang Burger - Mickey Mouse March

What's Going On - Traverse Town

Sweet - Kairi

Is It Boring - It Began With A Letter

Sweatshop - Space Paranoids

Disquiet - Drops Of Poison

The Whims Of Fate - The Home Of Dragons

Ark - Olympus Coliseum

Ark Restaurant - Le Grand Bistrot

Rivers In The Desert - Wave Of Darkness Phase 1

Freedom And Security - My Hearts Descent

Our Beginning - Link To All

Swear To My Bones - Riku

Ending Theme - Don't Think Twice (Instrumental)

optional royal tracks

I Believe - Invincible Promise

Throw Away Your Mask - Pure Vessels

Gentle Madman - The Final World