XWB/ZWB files unpacker 0.3.6

Programs that will help with modding various Persona & SMT games.
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hello everyone.

I found this tool for those who wants to mod persona 4 Golden mod for PC through google searching so it is not mine but i wanted to share with you guys and yes it works.


You have to download XWB/ZWB files unpacker 0.3.6

The way how this software works is kinda similar to how ACBEditor works.
1. Download it and extract everything to a folder
2. Copy your .xsb and .xwb and paste at that folder
3. drag your .xwb file to unwxb
4. create a folder and all your audios will be exported their.

For lessning the tracks i recommend to use VLC.
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foobar with vgmstream can open and convert these files to any format if you only need to unpack them
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Yeah of course nothing wrong to have many different ways to achieve the same result I guess.
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Here's one more, just to have them all in one place:

https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/ ... ool_0.1.7z
TGE wrote:WIP tool for extracting/modifying XWB files
Known issues
Extracting some XWB files crashes the program such as ROOT.xwb. You can alternatively use unxwb for this.
Replaces BGM019/index 20 with BGM019.wav with the loop information set:
xacttool -wb "BGM.xwb" -r "BGM019.wav" -ls 717056 -le 4511872

Extracts the waves from the XWB file:
xacttool -wb "BGM.xwb" -x

For more information, read the usage instructions.
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