Help with extracting mdx files from ps4 themes - Persona 5 Royal

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Help with extracting mdx files from ps4 themes - Persona 5 Royal

Post by RaoulCrow »

Hi, I need help to convert some files to fbx, but it is not easy because they are mdx files of persona 5 royal ps4 themes.

The mdx files are 3d models for sony consoles, I understand that mdx files exist since 2012. There are different versions.

GMOTool (I won't give a link, just google it) comes with an executable file called ModelConverter.exe and it can convert the files to mdx but in version 0.95 (if you open it with a hex editor it will show "XDM. 59.0SSP" as the header )
Playstation Mobile supports mdx files, it also converts them but they are different, it is in version 1.00, its header is "XDM.00.1MSP", the ps4 version has that header and that version too.

and finally the ps4 version seems to be different from the playstation mobile version despite having the same version. these are used in ps4 themes.
Mdx files can also be converted to mds (text format). I tried editing the mds file to be like version 0.95, but it didn't work.
ShrineFox (thanks for the info) told me someone was going to make a Blender script, but sadly it was never finished.

If anyone knows anything about those files and can help us, please let me know.

Edit: there are several programs to convert fbx models to mdx. They all come from a sdk. So I'm not talking about just one program. I want to convert the ps4 version of mdx back to fbx. But I have not found something that can help me in all these months.
link mdx file: ... t.mdx/file
link: mds file: ... t.mds/file