need help finding several P3D dancing stages

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need help finding several P3D dancing stages

Post by zino0o_ »

good day!
i wanted to create a persona 3 animation with P3D stages and character models and was searching for P3D stages. thanks to Amicitia's files page i downloaded most of the stages from the field folder stored at google drive. however, some stages were missing, specifically f150_002.GFS (top of tartarus white floor), f151_001.GFS (gekkoukan high rooftop night), f151_003.GFS (gekkoukan high hall), and f151_004.GFS (gekkoukan high rooftop dark hour).
out of these i really only needed f151_003.GFS gekkoukan high hall though, just naming all of the missing stages i couldn't find.
i tried cracking P3D, but as i'm pretty bad at cracking stuff, i failed.
could somebody provide me with the missing files please? i would appreciate it grealy!
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Re: need help finding several P3D dancing stages

Post by Maegix »

I would like to help but sadly I can't legally share those files.
All the files I use are from game dumps I created from the actual games I own.
If you're having problems, try installing P3D's .vpk file on Vita3K and then searching for the games files and using CriPakGUI to extract them.
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