How to Report Software Bugs

Need help finding something? Is a program not working? Game crashing? Give us all the details you have and we'll try to sort it out!
Please be patient when waiting for a response, this is a small community staffed by a handful of busy volunteers. It may take up to a day or two.
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How to Report Software Bugs

Post by ShrineFox »

In many cases I can't address problems with software such as Amicitia, GFD Studio, maxscripts etc. because I am not the developer. While I can pass on the memo to TGE, it can be easily forgotten or even missed that way.

tldr: it's more direct to report bugs on Github as Issues.
For example:
You are more likely to get closure on crashes/complications due to the developer having a constant reminder on their project page, in addition to email notifications.

If you're not sure if the cause of the error is you or the software (or have questions about using the tool), you're still encouraged to bring that discussion here on the forum.