Persona 5 Royal USM decryption

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Was anyone able to decrypt the usm files in ps4_movieR.cpk?

vgmtoolbox only seems to export blank or corrupted files. I've tried using the 'CRID USM extractor' but obviously that needs a proper key.

Was anyone able to successfully find the correct key? I can see on the wiki someone was able to get the proper titles for the files (see: ... movieR.cpk ) so at least that much progress was made.

Any help would be appreciated.

I can provide a sample file if you can help, I realize the files arent easy to come by.

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Here's a bit of info from someone who's successfully done it:

and a link to the tool they used: ... .02-mod.7z
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i've been trying to extract some of the FMVs from PS4 releases, as expected, i tried VGMtoolbox, and it spitted some gibberish out, then i tried this method
crid_mod.exe -b 000000000 -a 01C87822 -v -x -i .\mov050.usm
like so, it demuxed it, so i tried to remux it to mp4 or mkv with ffmpeg, but it would spit out a bunch of errors as well, so i tried MKVtollsnix, and while it remuxed the file sucessfully, it was just a corrupted green video file,

did i miss something, or not

*edit: nvm, my key was wrong
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